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Questions to Ask When Choosing a Rehab Facility

questions to ask when choosing a rehab

Banyan Treatment Center Delaware understands that every addiction story is unique. That is why knowing how to choose a treatment facility that suits everyone's needs is essential. Rehab selection can be a trying decision for a person and their family. It is hard enough to witness a loved one suffering from addiction, but with all the substance abuse treatment options out there, the search for the right one can be overwhelming. The truth is there is no one-size-fits-all model of addiction treatment, but the number of options out there does not have to be stressful. Below are some important questions to ask when choosing a rehab facility for yourself or a loved one. 

Questions to Ask a Rehab Facility 

It is understandable to have some questions about rehabilitation for addiction before jumping into treatment. You do not want to make the wrong decision for yourself or a loved one. However, if you are someone who has never had any prior experience with drug rehab facilities, you may not even know where to start searching. Below are some major questions to ask a rehabilitation center to help you make the best decision for yourself or someone you care about. 

Is Your Facility Accredited? 

Accredited drug rehab has gone through a series of evaluations to reach a certain standard of excellence. A respected third-party accrediting body evaluates addiction programs and therapies to avoid bias and prioritize client care. Once a facility has earned its seal of accreditation, clients can rest easy knowing that respected organizations in addiction have assessed the programs and levels of care. In the United States, rehab facilities are accredited and visited by the Joint Commission every three years to conduct evaluations on all the services offered. Banyan Treatment Centers Delaware is a Joint Commission Accredited drug rehab facility that offers many safe and effective addiction treatment programs in Milford. 

Is Your Facility Safe and Clean? 

Ensuring that their location meets proper sanitation and safety standards is what a rehab center should consider when offering its services. Make sure the facility you are considering is in a safe and calm area offering a peaceful or pleasant treatment experience. It is also important to pay close attention to the cleanliness of the facility. If you are unable to visit the facility in person, ask them to show you pictures. Many facilities also allow for virtual tours so you can still see the facility without having to commute.  

Who Develops Patients’ Treatment Plans? 

Addiction treatment plans are usually developed by clinicians, the patient, and the patient’s caregivers. These plans are created with data gathered in a biopsychosocial assessment. This type of assessment considers how the individual’s addiction has affected their physical, psychological, and social well-being. A good addiction treatment plan provides a set of tools and strategies that address the individual’s problems and utilizes their strengths. Patients should be entirely aware of their programs and how they work. It is the facility’s responsibility to make sure that patients understand what their treatment entails and the options they have.  

What Programs Do You Offer? 

Of course, the most important question you should ask a rehab is about their programs. Do they offer inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment, or both? Are therapies involved? There are countless addiction treatment programs in the U.S., and each facility honors a certain set of principles or beliefs.  

For instance, Banyan’s Delaware rehab center not only offers substance-specific treatment, but we also provide therapy programs like the 12 Step Program and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) that work to address other issues related to patients’ conditions. It is important to ask any rehabilitation facility you are considering about the programs they offer, what these programs entail, and which one is best suited for yourself or your loved one. 

How Long Are Your Programs?  

Not only do you want to know what these programs include, but you also want to know how long they last. Residential drug treatment can last anywhere from 28 days to six months, while outpatient treatment can last from three months to over a year. The duration of an individual’s program can make an enormous difference in the longevity of their sobriety after rehab. Some patients require longer programs than others for several reasons. If your addiction or that of your loved one is severe or has persisted for several years, a long-term option may be necessary.  

Do You Offer Detox? 

One of the most important rehab questions is whether the location you are considering offers medically monitored detox. The detoxification process can be dangerous if attempted at home or without medical assistance. It is common for long-time addicts to experience withdrawal symptoms when they first quit using drugs or alcohol. These symptoms can be highly uncomfortable and even life-threatening if left untreated.  

So, for example, before someone enters our cocaine addiction treatment program, we would advise that they undergo our substance-specific detox option to ensure that each of their symptoms is addressed and their body and mind are prepared for the therapies to follow. 

Do You Offer Ongoing Support for After Treatment? 

Addiction recovery does not end when someone completes their drug or alcohol rehab program. Addicts in recovery must decide to stay sober daily. This process alone can be stressful, but when you throw in the additional stressors that life throws at you, the importance of additional recovery support becomes apparent. One of the most important questions to ask when choosing a rehabilitation facility is whether they offer additional resources, such as an alumni program or aftercare, for people who have completed treatment. 

Do You Offer Resources for My Family?  

Addiction affects both the person and their loved ones. This disease can cause strain within relationships and tear families apart. The repercussions of substance abuse can make life just as difficult for the addict’s loved ones, and oftentimes these individuals require their own resources to heal. Unaddressed hurt caused by addiction can also make it difficult for family members to support their loved ones during recovery. Lack of family support is one of the most common problems people in recovery face. When choosing a drug rehab, ask whether they offer resources for loved ones. 

Call Banyan Delaware to Learn More! 

Choosing a rehab facility does not have to be overwhelming if you know what to look for. If you found this information to be helpful, do not hesitate to call our Milford rehab at 888-280-4763. Learn how you can get started on your recovery journey today.  


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Alyssa, Director of Digital Marketing
Alyssa, Director of Digital Marketing
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Questions to Ask When Choosing a Rehab Facility
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