About Banyan Delaware

The journey to sobriety is a long and strenuous one that no one should have to go through alone. Addiction recovery takes time, effort, and most importantly, support. At Banyan Delaware, we are a shoulder to lean on during the addiction recovery process. We are committed to only offering the highest standards of care for our patients. Learn more about Banyan Treatment Centers Delaware and what sets us apart.

The Banyan Difference

Banyan Delaware is a part of the Banyan Treatment Centers family of facilities; we are proud to uphold the high standards of the Banyan name. For years, our treatment centers have been helping people and their loved ones across the country move past the devastating disease of addiction and find lasting sobriety.

We understand that substance abuse is much more than a physical dependence on drugs and alcohol. It can impact relationships, finances, careers, and both physical and mental health. Because addiction is an extensive disease that often leads to several supplementary problems, we believe that in order for treatment to be successful, a patient needs to address all of their issues. Not only should their treatment take a comprehensive look at their substance abuse, but it also needs to honor individual differences. Addiction is unique for everyone and the road to recovery will be different for each person.

What sets Banyan apart from other treatment centers is our attention to each patient’s individual needs. Each patient will undergo a full medical and mental health assessment before treatment so our team can better understand their substance abuse problems and develop an individualized treatment plan that matches their specific needs and goals. During their time at our Milford substance abuse treatment center, our trained and licensed professionals will consistently monitor and update the patient’s treatment plan as necessary to enhance their chance of long-lasting success.

About Banyan Delaware’s Facility & Programs

Banyan Delaware is a licensed addiction treatment facility that welcomes people struggling with a multitude of substance abuse problems in varying degrees of severity. Our goal is to help our patients as well as their families find lasting sobriety and move past their addictions.

Located in Milford Delaware, our residential rehab provides a safe and comfortable environment for patients to begin their journey to recovery. Separated from the harmful addiction triggers in their everyday lives, patients from across Delaware and the surrounding states can come to our facility to focus on getting sober.

Our treatment programs combine evidence-based practices with holistic therapies to create a comprehensive approach to addiction treatment. These programs are led by our group of trained and licensed professionals who are experts in their respective fields. During their time with us, patients will have 24-hour care and support available to them so they never have to be alone during their recovery journey. We also have programs in place to help patients long after they leave our facility so that are able to continue their sobriety outside of rehab.

To learn more about our Delaware substance abuse treatment center, contact us today.