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How to Be an AA Sponsor


While sobriety can be one of the most fulfilling and beneficial experiences for a person, it also presents its fair share of challenges. More importantly, no one should be made to face these challenges alone. While Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings are renowned for their effectiveness in the recovery world, many members need that extra bit of support to keep them going. If you are interested in providing that support, Banyan Treatment Centers Delaware is breaking down how to be an AA sponsor and what that role entails.


What Is a Sponsor in AA?

An AA sponsor refers to a person responsible for guiding another AA member through the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. A sponsor must be a compassionate and understanding person whom others can trust to turn to with the things they struggle with. Sponsors are expected to have accomplished a decent amount of sobriety themselves, which is typically a minimum of one to two years. The qualifications are needed to ensure that they are well-versed in the teachings of AA and sober life in general.

A sponsor for AA is there to help their sponsee with any questions or uncertainty regarding recovery. Each member has one sponsor, and it is suggested that this is a person that the member feels comfortable with. This is crucial because it is far easier to handle the challenges of sobriety when you have someone like-minded cheering you on. Should a member feel that their sponsor is not a great fit, however, they are free to select a different individual to fill this role.

The goal for a sponsor is to help with a person’s growth in the AA program, which is done by assisting with the 12 steps, answering questions, and offering accountability.


AA Sponsor Responsibilities

Something important to consider is that there is no specific set of rules that outline how to be an AA sponsor. Rather, it is more important that anyone filling this position possesses qualities like patience, compassion, and understanding to successfully perform the job.

Expectations of a sponsor may include to:

  • Lead by example throughout sobriety, highlighting what AA can do for a person.
  • Help the member keep an open mind about AA and its many benefits.
  • Expose the newcomer to important literature like Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions.
  • Do everything in their power to help the newcomer maintain sobriety through the tools of AA.
  • Introduce their sponsee to other members of the group, which helps them to form important ties and relationships.
  • Guide the newcomer through the 12 steps to encourage them to later pass on what they learn.


Focusing On Progress Over Perfection

Alcoholics Anonymous is an excellent resource for those in recovery, which highlights the principle that recovery is not a linear experience. People will fall, but their sponsors and peers will be there to help them stand back up, dust themselves off, and keep moving forward.

For those looking to prepare themselves for these meetings, our detox in Delaware offers treatment for alcohol withdrawals. This is critically important because the withdrawals associated with alcohol abuse can not only be painful but, in some cases, even life-threatening. Banyan is proud to offer extensive options for alcohol addiction treatment that can help patients rid themselves of the dependency that affects them.


If you are interested in taking steps to recover from alcoholism, call Banyan’s Delaware rehab center at 888-280-4763 today.


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Alyssa, Director of Digital Marketing
Alyssa, Director of Digital Marketing
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How to Be an AA Sponsor
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