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Benefits of Telehealth for Addiction Treatment

benefits for telehealth for addiction treatment

Although change is inevitable, the number of changes our world has undergone in the past year and a half has been severe.

The coronavirus pandemic has turned the lives of many upside down. Many areas implemented social distancing guidelines and quarantines to keep people safe. These new mandates, however, have made it difficult for people to see each other. They’ve also made it challenging for those in rehab to continue their addiction treatment programs. Fortunately, and thanks to various online resources, facilities like our drug rehab facility in Delaware have implemented telehealth services to continue treating patients. We’re sharing some benefits of telehealth for addiction treatment and more about our services.


What is Telehealth?


Telehealth refers to the delivery or facilitation of health care services via technology. It allows drug rehab facilities and other healthcare centers to administer and carry out long-distance care, advice, monitoring, intervention, and admissions. Telehealth in rehab is virtual addiction treatment. Patients who have been to our residential treatment facility in Delaware connect with therapists several times a week via apps like Zoom and Skype that make video chat easy. At Banyan Treatment Centers Delaware, we offer telehealth services for substance abuse treatment that allow our therapists to meet with patients several times a week through Zoom to help them stay on track during recovery. Telehealth benefits for patients in our care are endless.


Benefits of Using Telehealth for Addiction Treatment


Although we all faced many challenges due to COVID-19, the isolation and stress caused by the pandemic made it even more difficult for people in recovery to stay sober. Isolation, loneliness, and stress are some of the most common problems addicts face in recovery, each of which has demonstrated themselves greatly during the coronavirus pandemic.

Addiction recovery takes a great deal of discipline and support. At a time when resources are inaccessible, changes must be made. Banyan Delaware is one of the several treatment facilities offering telehealth services for recovering addicts to help their alumni stay on track. Thanks to the millions of online tools and resources that are both free for patients and healthcare providers to use, we’re able to accomplish this. Below are some benefits of telehealth for addiction treatment.


Expands Access to Care and Reaches More People


Because telehealth is conducted online, all patients need are phones, laptops, computers, or tablets, and internet access. Apps that are used to conduct video chats with patients are also usually free. For example, our rehab center in Delaware uses a free app called Zoom for our online appointments with our patients. Not only does this make care more accessible to patients, but it also allows facilities like ours to reach more people. Now, those who live in states across the country can receive our support without the need to leave their families or commute far distances.


Cuts Costs for Patients


One of the major telehealth benefits for patients is the cutdown on costs. Costs like travel, child care, parking, and taking time off of work can accumulate. Understandably, this can be discouraging and can keep patients from staying consistent with or completing their treatment. Offering patients the opportunity to continue their treatment programs without spending as much money greatly reduces the risk of leaving before treatment is completed.


Reduces No-Shows


Many studies have shown that rural patients, especially those that have to travel long distances for health services and have long commutes, have resulted in many “no-shows.” No-shows are when patients do not show up to their appointments. As previously mentioned, long-distance commuting and travel costs are factors that can make it difficult for people to make it to their appointments. No-shows are not only harmful to patients, but they also become a significant revenue cost for the organization. However, expanding treatment to virtual appointments grants access to these individuals while reducing the number of no-shows and lowering the risk of compromising treatment.


Supports Schedules and Structure of Treatment


Lots of schedules and rules that were once set in stone were muddied when COVID hit. Many people suffered because of this, especially those following structured and consistent treatment plans for addiction. In any challenging journey, we’re bound to veer off every once in a while. However, for someone trying to stay sober, one step out of bounds can end in relapse. Offering online addiction treatment allows our rehab facility to maintain the structure and schedules of patients’ treatment programs.


Keeps Patients Accountable


Not only can telehealth allow us to keep track of patients’ progress even if they don’t come to our facility, but it also allows us to keep them accountable. It’s normal for people to loosen the reigns of discipline when they feel they aren’t being monitored. This happens more often than we care to admit, and addicts in recovery are no exception to this rule. However, while for some people slipping up may mean eating a donut while on your diet, it can mean going back to a life of addiction for someone in recovery. Even if they don’t commute to our rehab center, staying connected with patients allows us to check in on them consistently, promoting accountability.


Patients Can Continue to Spend Time with Their Families


Many of our patients have families back home they want to spend time with. Having the support of your loved ones is important in addiction recovery. Unfortunately, frequently spending time away from family isn’t always ideal. Patients may be the main providers of their household, or they may be single parents or have elderly parents. Whatever the case may be, we’re happy that our online addiction treatment options also allow patients to stay close to their families while receiving our recovery support.

The importance of telehealth services is rooted in the need for ongoing support following addiction treatment. With this new form of treatment, we can support patients no matter how far away they are from us.


In addition to telehealth, we offer other levels of care and treatment programs that are conducted at our facility. Call us now at 888-280-4763 for more information about our telehealth services in Delaware and the addictions we treat.


Alyssa, Director of Digital Marketing
Alyssa, Director of Digital Marketing
Alyssa is the National Director of Digital Marketing and is responsible for a multitude of integrated campaigns and events in the behavioral health and addictions field. All articles have been written by Alyssa and medically reviewed by our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Darrin Mangiacarne.