Our Mental Health and Rehabilitation Centers Veteran Partnerships

Community and collaboration are the core principles at Banyan Treatment Centers nationwide veteran programs for drug and alcohol treatment. We believe that with the strength of those around us, we can help those who have served our country on their road to recovery to become stronger themselves. Empowering our patients with the help of our veteran partnerships is what brings our veterans closer to their communities.


At Banyan Treatment Centers, helping our United States veterans get the mental health treatment and substance abuse recovery plans designed with their needs at the forefront. As a national drug rehabilitation center, we are aware that each veteran has different traumas and struggles from their time in the military, and every recovery journey for military and veterans is different. We tailor each rehabilitation treatment plan for each veteran, finding a customizable plan of action that works best for them on their journey to recovery. The therapeutic methods employed by our professional and supportive team empower our veterans from all branches of the military. These methods make long-lasting and meaningful changes to their lives and the lives of their families and loved ones.

After many years of successfully running drug and alcohol treatment plans for veterans, we recognized our veteran partnerships that have helped many patients combat substance abuse and get their lives back on track after deployment. It is with the support of these programs that we are able to help those who have served our country and struggle with physical and mental impairment after deployment, leading them to substance abuse.

Our Partnerships