Many men and women who have served in the United States military struggle with substance abuse.

After returning from deployment, military members often find themselves suffering from physical injuries, battling mental health problems, and struggling with the past trauma they experienced while serving.

The emotional impact combat exposure has on our military veterans can lead to depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and addiction. Prescription drug use is among the most common addictions because many are prescribed narcotics to alleviate their injuries. After extended use of painkillers, military members often find themselves becoming dependent on these drugs. Banyan Treatment Center provides a supportive and safe environment with our Military and Veterans in Recovery drug rehab program to help both active-duty personnel and ex-military get the help they need to reach sobriety.

The Best Levels of Care for Inpatient Drug Rehab for Veterans & Active-Duty

Traumatic events such as experiencing multiple deployments can trigger drug or alcohol use in veterans and military personnel. At Banyan Treatment Centers, we have the levels of care needed to assist those who have retired from the military and are still on active duty struggling with addiction. We offer medically monitored detox, residential treatment facilities, and partial hospitalization programs for those in our active-duty and veteran drug rehab program.


Medically Monitored Detox Programs

Our inpatient military and veterans rehab provides a medically monitored detox program to create a safe and supportive environment. We understand that detoxification is one of the most pivotal steps in recovery. During detox, clients release the physical and chemical controls of drugs and alcohol from their bodies. These can be challenging and exhausting, both physically and emotionally, and, at times, dangerous to the livelihood of patients. This is why it is crucial to seek the help of licensed medical professionals when detoxing.

Our Banyan Treatment Centers Detoxification program for active-duty veterans drug rehab includes medical professionals monitoring and supervising throughout the entire detox process. With the help of our substance abuse rehab, ex-military can detox in a comfortable and safe environment, being administered medications and treatments to help mitigate the struggles of withdrawal and ensure the safety of our military servicemembers.


Residential Treatment for Active-Duty & Veterans

Banyan Treatment Centers operate a leading residential treatment program for veterans struggling with depression, addiction, alcoholism, and more. Deployment takes a huge toll on our servicemembers' and veterans' physical and mental health. The experiences and trauma of deployment can often cause addiction and mental health disorders that are best addressed through a residential treatment made with the sobriety of our clients at the forefront.

Clients in our residential therapy program can expect to stay in safe living spaces while participating in therapeutic and medical services. Living at the Banyan facility while undergoing our inpatient drug rehab for veterans offers a supportive environment designed to provide patients with around-the-clock support, removing temptations, and weaving recovery into every component of their treatment to make sobriety a lifestyle.


Partial Hospitalization Programs

Our rehab for veterans and active duty also offers Partial Hospitalization Programs, also known as PHP, to help veterans recover from addiction to drugs and alcohol. PHP creates a real-life setting while veterans undergo full-time substance abuse treatment and 24-hour support. Each military veteran will receive an individualized custom treatment plan curated to their specific needs and sobriety goals.

With PHP, clients can receive full-time therapeutic programming while residing in a home-like setting. Our drug rehab programs for veterans and servicemembers include those attending group therapy, individual therapy, life skill coaching, vocational counseling, and medical assessments.


A Veteran and Military Rehab Center That Works

Banyan Treatment Centers offers unique therapies and programs that allow a customized experience based on our military personnel's and veterans’ needs. There are individuals of this demographic all over the United States that are battling drug addiction, alcohol addiction, or both. Our experienced medical staff can provide support and rehabilitation treatment to help patients reach sobriety.


If you or a loved one suffers from addiction and don’t know where to turn, contact Banyan Treatment Centers. We are here to guide Veterans and military service membersthrough recovery and support them every step of the way. Addiction can be a lonely and scary place, and we want to help change your life for the better.