Meth Addiction Treatment

Methamphetamine, also known as meth, is a powerful stimulant drug that increases nerve activity in the brain. Crystal meth, a rock-like form of the drug, is a purer, more potent, and more dangerous version that’s commonly abused. While methamphetamine doses have some valid medical uses, including its rare use of treatment for ADHD, it’s more commonly used for recreational purposes either by being smoked, snorted, or injected. In addition to millions of users in the general population, there are also many veterans and military personnel who are battling methamphetamine abuse. For those wanting to get sober, our Banyan rehab locations offer meth addiction treatment that can help.


Signs of Meth Use

Methamphetamine addiction can come with a range of physical, psychological, and behavioral signs. Some common signs someone is using meth include:

  • Aggressive or violent behavior
  • Anxiety or paranoia
  • Cognitive impairment, including impairment in memory, attention, and decision-making
  • Decreased appetite and/or malnutrition
  • Depression or suicidal thoughts
  • Dilated pupils
  • Elevated heart rate and blood pressure
  • Financial problems or theft to support meth use
  • Hallucinations or delusions
  • Hyperactivity or restlessness
  • Insomnia or difficulty sleeping
  • Irritability and mood swings
  • Legal problems related to drug use, such as arrests or driving under the influence
  • Poor work or school performance
  • Psychotic episodes
  • Risk-taking behavior
  • Secretive or suspicious behavior
  • Skin sores and rashes from picking at the skin (also referred to as “meth mites”)
  • Sudden and/or extreme weight loss
  • Tooth decay and gum disease (also referred to as "meth mouth")
  • Tremors or shaking
  • Withdrawal and isolation from friends and family

It’s important to note that substance abuse can affect everyone differently. Some people are able to hide any signs of methamphetamine addiction, otherwise referred to as high-functioning addiction.

Additionally, although they are the most common, not all of the symptoms listed above will always be present in cases of meth abuse. If you notice signs of methamphetamine use, seeking treatment for meth addiction help is the first step to recovery.

Military & Veterans Meth Rehab Near Me

Our veterans' rehab center offers meth addiction treatment that incorporates a variety of services to ensure the individual recovers both physically and mentally. For most clients, the first step in treatment is detoxification.

Methamphetamine can cause a range of withdrawal symptoms in individuals who use the drug for long periods. Because meth manipulates dopamine and the brain’s reward system, the central nervous system becomes accustomed to the drug’s effects after long-term use, which can make quitting difficult.

When a person who’s physically dependent on meth attempts to suddenly quit or cut back without medical supervision, they may experience withdrawal symptoms severe enough to cause relapse. Common meth withdrawal symptoms include:

  • Body aches and pains
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Fatigue and lethargy
  • Increased appetite
  • Intense cravings for meth
  • Irritability and mood swings
  • Paranoia or psychosis
  • Sleep disturbances, such as insomnia or excessive sleeping
  • Suicidal thoughts or behaviors
  • Tremors or shaking

For this reason, it’s recommended that those addicted to meth undergo medically supervised detox. Our military and veterans detox is led by a group of medical professionals equipped to administer 24-hour and medication-assisted treatment (as needed) to reduce the discomfort and pain of withdrawals. When detoxification is successful, the individual’s chances of achieving and sustaining long-term recovery increase significantly.

Following detox, our clients begin working with licensed therapists to understand their addictions, what contributed to them, and how they can best cope with recovery outside of rehab. Our meth treatment is held on different levels of care – such as residential, partial hospitalization program (PHP), and outpatient – to serve clients according to their needs.

No matter how long you’ve struggled with addiction, we’re here to help. For more information about our rehab for meth or other services, contact Banyan Treatment Centers today.

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