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Patriot Day 2022

Patriot Day 2022

American history was forever changed on September 11, 2001. Four suicide terrorist attacks marked a day wrought with pain, terror, and monumental changes to American security. First responders and soldiers thereafter were recognized for their bravery, and Patriot Day was born. Banyan’s Military & Veterans in Recovery Program prepares for Patriot Day 2022 by looking at its history and offering suggestions on how to honor the sacrifices it garnered. 

History of Patriot Day

Patriot Day was conceived out of a desire to commemorate the immense sacrifices of the many heroes of 9/11. Four planned attacks were to be carried out by a total of 19 terrorists, members of the Islamic extremist group al-Qaeda. There are a few different alleged reasons for the attacks, including America’s presence in the Middle East and its involvement in the Persian Gulf War.  

Beginning with the hijacking of American Airlines Boeing 767, a catastrophic crash to the World Trade Center’s North Tower at 8:46 AM stopped New Yorkers in their tracks. Panic began to spread as people assumed it was a freak accident until a second plane hit the South Tower less than 20 minutes later. This sent the entire country into mass panic as American Airlines Flight 77 collided into Washington DC’s Pentagon headquarters at 9:45 AM.    

The fourth plane, a United F=flight bound for California, was hijacked 40 minutes after departing Newark airport. When passengers received cell phone notifications of the previous attacks, many passengers and flight attendants plotted an insurrection. Members of the group shared last words with family members and loved ones, stating that they would not be making it home. They proceeded to take control of the plane by force, with the aircraft crashing into an open field in Western Pennsylvania. All 44 people on board were killed.  

The impact of this event was commemorated by politicians the following year, proclaiming September 11, 2002, as America’s first “Patriot Day.” 

How to Honor Patriot Day in 2022

Twenty-one years have passed since that fateful day, and its effects are still felt by Americans across the country. While it is not a federally recognized holiday, and most businesses will remain open, there are still ways to honor those that were lost and the continual struggles caused by this event.  

Ways to Show Respect   

  • Take part in a moment of silence 
  • Visit a ceremony dedicated to Patriot Day 
  • Go to a memorial 

To this day, the repercussions of this event continue to haunt countless American citizens. It was a collectively traumatic experience that highlighted several key issues of the country, including national security and patriotism. First responders live with the trauma of witnessing and surviving such an event, while family members of those killed were forced to navigate life without their loved ones.   

Banyan’s veteran addiction treatment centers recognize this profound impact and work to support those hit hardest by these events through effective mental health services. Whether you struggle with PTSD or addiction, Banyan is here to help.  

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Alyssa, Director of Digital Marketing
Alyssa, Director of Digital Marketing
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