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Coast Guard Birthday

Coast Guard Birthday

As one of the oldest organizations of our federal government, the Coast Guard has played an extensive role in the national security of our country. As the years have passed since its conception, their contributions should not go unnoticed. That is why Banyan’s Veterans Addiction Treatment Center is honoring the Coast Guard birthday and is encouraging others to take part as well. Read on to learn more about this sensational military sector and why this day is so important.


When Is the Coast Guard’s Birthday?

The U.S. Coast Guard birthday was created on August 4, 1790, when the first Congress asked Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton to assemble ten vessels. The organization’s motive was to enforce tariff laws and stop smuggling. The day celebrates the military organization for its dedication and perseverance. For over two hundred years, the Coast Guard has played a significant role in national security, maintaining waterway safety and security.


Coast Guard History

In 1915, the sector achieved its current name upon the merging of the U.S. Life-Saving Service with the Revenue Cutter Service. This was done in order to form a single maritime service that could aid in both humanitarian efforts while enforcing the nation’s maritime laws. These humanitarian efforts have included aiding sailors and others that are in distress.

Then in 1939, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt ordered the Lighthouse Service to join the Coast Guard in order to effectively manage maritime navigation.1 The service has since been transferred to a variety of different departments, including transportation and homeland security.

Today, it is both a military and federal law enforcement agency and serves as a crucial protector of the United States both in times of peace and conflict. It serves a variety of purposes depending on these factors. In times of peace, it works to protect marine environments, guarding the vast ports and coastlines and saving lives out at sea. In times of war, it works under the Navy to defend the U.S. against terroristic threats.

On a typical day, the Coast Guard will:1

  • Save roughly 10 lives
  • Seize an average of 874 pounds of cocaine
  • Conduct 105 marine inspections
  • Take part in 45 search and rescue cases
  • Address and investigate 35 pollution incidents

The impact of these efforts should never go unnoticed, and appreciation for the brave individuals that regularly conduct them should also be prioritized.


Why the United States Coast Guard Birthday Matters

The Guard is the smallest of the six Armed Forces and protects America's environment and economic interests. The Guard is a multi-mission, maritime military service that serves along the coast in international waters. The day reminds society to be aware of American history and how trade laws and the prevention of smuggling emerged, protecting American citizens. 

In 1946, the organization expanded its responsibilities after Congress passed the Commerce Department's Bureau of Marine Inspection and Navigation to the Coast Guard. Although these establishments happened on separate dates, citizens can appreciate the work of our active-duty members on August 4th.


How to Show Appreciation for the Birthday of the Coast Guard

To celebrate the coast guard’s birthday, you and a friend or family member can show appreciation and patriotism. If you have a loved one or a neighbor who served the country, be sure to say thank you or ask them if they can share any memorable moments. Of course, posting a picture on social media with a heartfelt caption or a link to an organization where profits go to veterans is always appreciated.

Other ways to show appreciation include visiting a Coast Guard museum, watching a military movie, or reading about America’s past. Plus, if you decide to post on social media, be sure to include #NationalCoastGuardDay or #USCoastGuardDay on any post to spread the word.


Happy Birthday U.S. Coast Guard From Banyan Military & Veterans in Recovery Program’s Medical Team

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Alyssa, Director of Digital Marketing
Alyssa, Director of Digital Marketing
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Coast Guard Birthday
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