A mental health partial hospitalization program (PHP) provides intensive care for people experiencing acute mental health disorders. Unlike residential treatment, PHP mental health care allows clients to receive daily support and treatment at the facility while continuing to live at home or an approved sober living residence. This gives clients the opportunity to gradually transition out of residential care or inpatient treatment with the skills and resources we’ve provided so they can live independently. If you or someone you know is a veteran that’s struggling with mental illness, our veterans' PHP mental health treatment can help.  

PHP Mental Health Meaning  

Some people require full-time, inpatient mental health care to stabilize their symptoms, receive 24-hour support, and reduce the risk of self-harm and suicide. On the other hand, others have either already completed residential care or are stabilized enough to not require the same level of inpatient care.  

Those whose symptoms do not rise to the level of requiring residential care or those who have recently completed treatment in an inpatient mental health facility may benefit from receiving focused attention in an outpatient setting, such as a partial hospitalization program.   

Mental health PHP can be helpful for people who are experiencing or have recently experienced the following:  

  • Co-occurring substance use disorderand mental health disorder  
  • Debilitating behavioral health issues, such as depression, anxiety, personality disorders, psychosis, and others 
  • Suicidal ideation or behaviors or self-harm 
  • Erratic or destructive behavior due to medication imbalances 
  • Personal or emotional crises resulting from divorce, abuse, grief, or other negatively impacting life circumstances 
  • Mental health symptoms that are difficult to manage alone  

In addition to being able to spend several evenings and weekends at home in a familiar environment with loved ones, patients who participate in our veterans’ PHP mental health program will enjoy several unique benefits, such as:  

  • Regular support from medical and behavioral health professionals 
  • Personalized behavioral health care 
  • Individual and group therapy sessions 
  • Affordable treatment without costly overnight hospital stays 
  • An easier transition back into everyday life and independence 
  • Community of support with other patients receiving care  

Considering the exposure to combat and trauma that most veterans have experienced, the need for specialized mental health care among this group is crucial. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is among the most common mental health disorders in veterans, stemming from exposure to traumatic experiences like combat.  

Otherwise known as shell shock, PTSD symptoms can take over an individual’s life, making them anxious, paranoid, depressed, and possibly a danger to themselves or others (in extreme cases.) Our veterans’ PHP for mental health can help clients cope with negative feelings that occur when returning to daily life, promoting a smooth transition to daily life outside of rehab.  

Our PHP Mental Health Programs for Veterans 

Partial hospitalization treatment for mental health addresses clients’ needs coming from an inpatient setting when people require more support. Partaking in PHP care is an excellent way for clients to transition from residential to outpatient care, such as intensive outpatient treatment.  

Asking for help is the first step to changing your life for the better. Don’t continue struggling with mental illness when help is available at our Pompano treatment center 


Contact Banyan Treatment Centers today to learn more about our Veterans in Recovery program or our addiction and mental health treatment in Pompano. 


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