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Psychoeducational Group Therapy at Banyan Chicago

There is a wide range of group therapies that promote healing in addiction recovery. At Banyan Treatment Centers Chicago, we understand how beneficial psychoeducational group therapy can be to those who are receiving drug or alcohol addiction treatment. As one of the best drug treatment centers in Illinois, we incorporate only the safest and most effective therapies and programming in our substance abuse treatments.

What Is Psychoeducational Group Therapy?

Psychoeducational group therapy is a subset or branch of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) that is held in a group setting to promote healing and to build community amongst patients. During psychoeducational group therapy activities, patients will sit with other patients and share any of their struggles or achievements. This therapy approach promotes emotional healing by giving patients a safe and judgment-free space where they can express their joys and concerns regarding their recovery. Psychoeducational groups also promote peer support, educational resources, and help to strengthen the sense of community among people in recovery.

Members of psychoeducational groups often have different struggles or achievements. Each person’s experience with addiction and in recovery is different; offering a place and time where patients can be open about their sobriety is important. Each psychoeducational group offered at our drug and alcohol treatment center in Chicago is personalized to meet the needs of each group member. Psychoeducational group therapy activities include discussion, educational resources, videos, and more. Our therapists and addiction treatment professionals work together with patients to find a form of therapy that’s best for them.


Benefits of Psychoeducational Group Therapy

The idea of one-on-one therapies for addiction can be nerve-wracking for someone who’s just begun addiction treatment. However, the coping strategies developed in the early stages of addiction recovery can set the tone for the person’s sobriety in the future. Psychoeducational group therapy helps patients easily transition between levels of treatment and become comfortable in individual and group settings. These groups make patients feel safe and comfortable by bringing them together with other individuals who are in similar situations.


At Bayan Treatment Centers Chicago, we’ve helped numerous patients with our addiction therapies. There are numerous benefits of psychoeducational group therapy:

  • Encourages peer support by bringing together like-minded people
  • Offers addiction education and resources to help patients better understand their disorders
  • Promotes a sense of community among all patients, preventing isolation or feelings of loneliness
  • Acts as a safe time and place where patients can be honest about their emotions
  • Allows patients to learn from others and gain a wider perspective regarding addiction recovery


When utilized alongside our substance abuse treatment programs in Naperville, psychoeducational group therapy can help patients identify the source of their addictions and develop effective relapse prevention strategies.


The Banyan Chicago Difference

Our rehab center in Chicago, Illinois offers psychoeducational groups as part of our treatments for drug addiction and alcoholism. Our therapies and rehab programs are designed to help patients achieve long-term sobriety. Additional therapies offered at our facility include biofeedback, EMDR, motivational interviewing, and more.


Recovering from the physical and psychological aspects of addiction can be challenging without help or guidance. To learn more about the rehab programs and addiction services offered at Banyan Chicago and how they can help, contact our team now.



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