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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy at Banyan Chicago

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a psychosocial therapy program that is widely incorporated into addiction and mental health treatments. This evidence-based practice is guided by research and focuses on realistic and helpful coping strategies for individuals with substance abuse problems or mental illnesses. This type of behavioral therapy addresses problem-solving with an emphasis on changing unhealthy patterns in behaviors. Cognitive-behavioral treatment was originally geared towards treating major depressive disorder but has since expanded and is used to treat a variety of conditions including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, eating disorders, and substance abuse disorders. Mental illness and addiction are often linked, and a person with both conditions is diagnosed with a co-occurring disorder. In addition to our dual diagnosis treatment, cognitive behavioral therapy can be effective for recovery.

What Happens in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

In cognitive-behavioral therapy, patients will partake in one-on-one sessions with their therapist. Each of these sessions is formulated according to the client’s progress. Throughout cognitive behavioral therapy sessions, the client and therapist actively work together to identify any unhealthy thought patterns behind the individual’s condition and develop effective strategies for overcoming them. This CBT program allows patients to gain a set of new cognitive and behavioral principles that they can apply in all life settings after rehab. At our drug rehab in Illinois, we understand that each client has different needs, which is why every session is specifically designed for them.

Our Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Method and Holistic Practices

The goal of our cognitive treatment at Banyan Chicago is to teach our patients how their behavior impacts their addiction and mental health, as well as healthy ways to cope with stressful situations. Because negative thoughts and emotions are the top contributing factors to addiction and mental illness, we especially focus on coping strategies in cognitive behavioral therapy. It’s easy for people with an addiction or mental illness to recycle these negative thoughts. Eventually, their condition will become apparent in their behavior and outward appearance. Addiction treatment and behavioral therapy can help them recover before it’s too late.

Although we understand how beneficial a cognitive behavioral therapy program can be for a patient’s recovery process, additional help is often required for a full recovery. Our cognitive-behavioral method is just one of the many effective therapies offered at our Illinois rehab facility. We believe that exposing patients to a variety of treatments and programs helps them address each facet of their condition and achieve recovery. Addiction and mental illness are often linked to a variety of other issues that may fall through the cracks if they aren’t treated. We want our patients to leave our rehab facility with all the necessary tools and strategies needed to sustain their recovery journey on their own.

If you or a loved one is battling with a substance abuse disorder or mental illness, our cognitive behavioral therapy can help. Contact us today for more information about the CBT and additional treatments available at Banyan Treatment Centers in Chicago.


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