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Depression and Addiction

Depression & Addiction Treatment at Banyan Chicago

When a person suffers from drug or alcohol addiction and a mental illness, this is known as a dual diagnosis. Mental illness and substance abuse are often associated with each other as many individuals who suffer from mental disorders turn to drugs and alcohol in an attempt to self-medicate while, on the other hand, drug and alcohol abuse can cause mental illness in others. Although these disorders are two sides of the same coin, they each require individualized care. At our drug and alcohol treatment center in Chicago, we know how to help someone with drug addiction and depression. Our depression and addiction treatment offers patients comprehensive care that addresses both their mental health and physical dependence.

Signs of Depression

Depression, formally known as major depressive disorder, is a mood disorder characterized by persistent feelings of emptiness, sadness, and loss of interest. An individual experiencing these symptoms may not be diagnosed with depression unless their symptoms occur every day for at least two weeks.

Some early signs of depression include:

If depression symptoms begin to interfere with daily life and responsibilities, then it may be time to get help. Clinical depression can disrupt your work goals, ability to function in society, and personal relationships. Many individuals who suffer from major depressive disorder may find dangerous ways to self-medicate, like using drugs and alcohol, to fill the gaps created by depression. Not only is mental illness difficult to manage on its own, but adding substance abuse to the mix may only make matters worse. Our treatment for depression and addiction in Chicago incorporates various unique programs and therapies to ensure that each patient receives the care they need.

Signs of Addiction

An individual who engages in drug or alcohol abuse may begin to exhibit some physical and behavioral symptoms. While each substance produces its own list of side effects, there are some general signs of substance abuse you should be aware of, including:

Because a co-occurring disorder includes two distinct conditions, it’s important to recognize the signs of both substance abuse and mental illness. If you recognize these symptoms in a loved one, our depression and addiction treatment in Illinois can help. At Banyan Chicago, we’re dedicated to administering the most effective form of dual diagnosis treatment possible.

Treatment For Addiction & Depression at Banyan Chicago

As one of the most well-rounded drug treatment centers in Illinois, treating dual diagnosis is an important aspect of our rehab programming. Our rehab program for depression and addiction utilizes individual and group therapy sessions. In our depression and addiction treatment, patients will have the opportunity to learn about the source of their addiction and develop healthy coping mechanisms for their disorders. They will be offered education on major depressive disorder and addiction, relapse prevention services, family therapy, and more.

The goal of our co-occurring disorders treatment for addiction and depression is to help patients overcome their conditions and live happy lives. At Banyan Treatment Centers Chicago, we want to support our patients during their recovery journey and encourage their continuous growth. We believe that the more support the patient receives, the more courage and confidence they’ll have in their recovery.

If you or someone you know is struggling with a mental illness and addiction, help is just a phone call away. Call Banyan Chicago at 888-280-4763 now to learn more about our depression and addiction treatment as well as the additional levels of care we offer.


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