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Dialectical Behavioral Therapy at Banyan Chicago

For most people looking to overcome a substance abuse disorder, their recovery includes a lot more than just getting sober. Addiction can have a negative impact on several facets of their life. It may lead to relationship problems and can take a heavy emotional toll on the addict, especially during early recovery. Effective recovery should include actively trying to heal in all of these areas and dialectical behavioral therapy for addiction is one technique used to address these issues.

What is Dialectical Behavioral Therapy?

Dialectical behavioral therapy, or DBT, is a psychosocial therapy approach that is similar to cognitive behavioral therapy but focuses more on emotions and the social aspects of the patient’s life. During DBT treatment, a trained professional will have a one-on-one discussion with a patient to assess the problems surrounding these specific aspects of their life. The professional will help the patient come to recognize their emotions and learn to better manage them as well as cope with their negative feelings. The patients and counselor will also work together to examine the relationships in the patient’s life and how to move forward, building healthier relationships. DBT has been used to treat a variety of ailments including mood disorders, suicidal behavior or ideation, and substance abuse disorders.

Using DBT for Addiction

During early recovery especially, recovering addicts are often subject to a rollercoaster of emotions. These emotions may include times of triumph but often include many negative feelings as well. Recovery can be overwhelming, and common withdrawal symptoms may be mood swings or depression. Using dialectical behavioral therapy for addiction treatment can help patients learn to cope with these negative emotions. They will come to understand that these emotions are valid and how to address them without letting them derail their recovery progress.

Another common problem for addicts is personal relationships. Many addicts come to betray the trust of their loved ones because of their substance abuse problems and the result is broken or damaged relationships. Sometimes addiction can also lead to unhealthy relationship dynamics. Along with therapy for family members of addicts, DBT for addiction can help people in recovery address these issues and learn how to move forward to create healthier and stronger relationships

Part of a Complete Approach to Treatment

Addiction is more than physical dependence. At Banyan Chicago, we believe that in order for our patients to be able to achieve long-term sobriety, they need to look at the big picture of addiction recovery during treatment. Dialectical behavioral therapy for addiction is just one addiction therapy we used at our facility to help patients with their recovery. Through the use of this programming and many others, we provide our patients with all of the tools they need to confidently reenter theirs lives after their treatment is complete and to minimize the possibility of relapse.

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