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The Dangers of Boofing Drugs

The Dangers of Boofing Drugs

For some people, getting high off of a drug couldn’t happen fast enough.

When they refuse help with an IOP or PHP at our Pompano Beach treatment center, their addiction only worsens, and they become desperate. They do not just want it; they need it, and they need it now. Because of this mentality, an addict may go to extreme lengths to get that high as quickly as possible. This may mean finding a more potent drug or experimenting with some unusual forms of administration; this is where boofing can step in.

What Is Boofing Drugs?

Boofing drugs, sometimes also referred to as plugging drugs, is the process of inserting drugs or alcohol into your anus in order to get a more immediate high. Because your anal cavity has a high number of blood vessels and a thinner surface layer, substances inserted into this area are absorbed at a faster rate than with oral consumption. People can boof a number of different drugs, including cocaine, MDMA, and alcohol, but there are several dangers of boofing drugs – it could even be fatal.

Other Forms of Boofing

When boofing involves alcohol, it is often referred to as butt-chugging or an alcohol enema. Butt chugging is when someone ingests alcohol through their rectum to feel stronger and faster effects as the alcohol bypasses the normal digestive system. People will often use beer funnels or rubber tubbing to butt chug. Butt chugging has even made it to the big screen as John Cena’s character in Blockers competes in a butt chugging contest. Regardless of how popular this trend actually is, the dangers of butt chugging are serious and could be life-threatening.

Similar to using a funnel, some people have started boofing drugs through the booty bump method, specifically for meth. This means of administration involves mixing the drug with water and then using the syringe without a needle to squirt the drug into the rectum. While booty bumping may help users avoid the dangers of IV drug use, it still comes with its own risks.

Similar to drug boofing and butt chugging is the use of vodka tampons. Some people believe that this route of intoxication is only a myth,1 but the idea is that men and women will soak tampons in alcohol like vodka before inserting these tampons into the vagina or anal cavity. Like with drug boofing or butt chugging, vodka tampons are able to bypass the digestive system and lead to a more immediate and intense high.

Inserting substances into the anal cavity may not be limited to drugs and alcohol either. On My Strange Addiction, one couple, Trina and Mike from St. Petersburg, admitted to having an addiction to coffee enemas. Coffee enemas are an alternative type of colon cleanser some people believe can have many healing and detoxing benefits for the body, but research has yet to prove these claims.2

Although some instances of boofing are referred to in relation to the transport of drugs in your rectum, anal intercourse, keeping a kayak afloat, and farting, boofing is most commonly associated with administering drugs or alcohol through the rectum.

How Boofing Drugs Works, How Long Boofing Takes to Work, & Why People Are Trying It

The immediate draw to boofing drugs is their faster effect times. When you drink alcohol or take a pill, the substances need to be digested and broken down before you start to feel the effects. It takes about 45 to 90 minutes to feel the greatest effects of alcohol with normal drinking3; after orally ingesting an ecstasy pill, users will only start to experience effects anywhere from 20 to 60 minutes later.4 While intravenous injection can also lead to a faster high as well, this route of administration can be intimidating, dangerous, and leave noticeable marks behind like needle tracks.

Boofing drugs also work by skipping the digestive tract and are less scary than inserting a needle into a vein. Because the anal cavity has a large number of capillaries and a thin surface layer, the substance is more easily absorbed into the body and distributed through the blood vessels and the circulatory system. The effects of boofing drugs may be felt as quickly as mere minutes after administration, depending on the dosage and the user’s experience with the drug. How long the boofing high lasts will also largely depend on the specific drug, dosage, and body’s tolerance.

While it may seem harmless, there are several dangers of boofing drugs. Because of the fast rate of absorption, the effects of boofing drugs are also magnified and more intense. People should take smaller doses than normal for this reason, but unfortunately, many people may not realize this. The sad result is that many people will overdose from boofing and could die without immediate medical attention.
So, why are young adults starting to boof drugs? Some teenagers and young adults may simply be curious about boofing drugs, and these age groups tend to be the most open to experimenting with drugs. Even Brett Kavanaugh was found to have mentioned boofing in a yearbook quote. Young adults are also susceptible to peer pressure and could try it simply because their friends want them to. For the drug addict or alcoholic looking for a faster and more intense high, boofing drugs may be a viable means of administration.

Especially if done on a more regular basis, the boofer may become used to this intense high, and other means of drug administration may no longer be adequate in their eyes. Boofing drugs are also less scary than other forms of administration, such as injection or snorting, but that may be because people are unaware of the harmful side effects of boofing.

Why Boofing Drugs Is Dangerous

Whether a drug addict is looking for a more intense high or a college student is trying it with his buddies, the side effects of boofing drugs are dangerous. While drug boofing may seem like just a wild and crazy trend, it isn’t as harmless as it may seem.

There are several serious dangers of boofing drugs, including:

  • Damage to the rectum and intestines
  • Increased risk of STI
  • Greater risk of overdosing & alcohol poisoning

Damage to the Rectum & Intestines

Simply put, your rectum is not meant to handle these types of substances. The dangers of boofing drugs for your rectum and intestines may include bloody stool, a constant feeling of needing to go to the bathroom, the inability to control bowel movements, and tears in the rectal tissues or membranes. More serious problems can also occur, such as the blocking of blood flow to part of the intestine, the unnatural death of cells, and in the severest cases, the need for a colostomy, a surgery used to divert part of the colon away from a damaged portion and instead, directing it to an artificial opening in the abdominal wall.5 For people who already have pre-existing conditions in this area, their problems are probably more serious and likely to get worse.

Increased Risk of STI

Boofing may increase the chances of contracting a sexually transmitted infection as the mucous membrane that can protect from STIs becomes damaged. Repeated cases of boofing drugs increase these chances.5 Therefore, it is imperative to practice safe sex via the use of physical barriers like condoms, which greatly minimize the chances of contracting an STI, although it does not fully eradicate the risk. It is also encouraged that those engaging in these activities get regularly tested in order to detect any concerns early enough to manage.

Greater Risk of Overdose & Alcohol Poisoning

Perhaps the greatest danger of boofing drugs comes with an increased risk of overdosing because the effects hit you much faster and harder than normal. Some people may be taking the normal dosage that they would use for oral administration without realizing that it is too much. Because boofing is relatively newer and hasn’t been extensively studied either, there are no well-defined dosages of drugs to avoid overdosing.5

With alcohol specifically, alcohol poisoning is a very real and scary possibility. Drinking normally allows you to consume alcohol over the course of several hours and be able to monitor how you are feeling. Chances are, if you are boofing alcohol or butt-chugging, you will do it in one go, and the effects will hit you all at once. By consuming alcohol through the rectum, you have also decreased your body’s ability to fight alcohol poisoning. Your anus does not have the enzymes to break down the alcohol, and you no longer have the ability to throw up the toxic substance to eliminate it from your body.

The exact number of boofing drug overdoses is largely unknown, but stories will pop up occasionally on the news. In 2012, one University of Tennessee fraternity member was in critical condition after what was believed to be a butt-chugging incident.6 The fraternity was suspended, and many adults were shocked to hear about this new form of consuming alcohol. Another man from Texas made headlines when he died after a sherry enema.6 These news stories are few and far between, but some people may be wary of admitting that boofing led them to overdose. Unfortunately, with boofing making cameos in Hollywood, this dangerous trend is likely to stay.

What are the Symptoms of Boofing Overdose?

When considering the potential signs of an overdose from boofing, it's crucial to observe the individual for a range of indicators. These symptoms include a notably weak and unresponsive physical state, adverse gastrointestinal reactions like vomiting and nausea, respiratory difficulties exemplified by slow breaths, cyanosis visible on the fingernails and lips, abnormal pupil dilation, a significant increase in heart rate, and episodes of chest discomfort. Moreover, mental disorientation, agitation, severe and sudden neurological disturbances such as seizures, possible psychotic symptoms, and major cardiovascular events like heart attacks or strokes are also critical signs to watch for.

Commonly Asked Questions About Boofing

There is still a great deal of mystery surrounding this bizarre method of anal ingestion. It is understandably not the most common practice, but that doesn’t make it any less dangerous. The saying goes that knowledge is power, and we seek to educate those considering this practice about the real concerns surrounding it.

Are there legal consequences for boofing?

Boofing may have different legal repercussions depending on the country and the type of substance used. The act of boofing may not be explicitly prohibited in many nations, but the legality of the chemical injected rectally can influence the legal repercussions. If the material being boofed is an illegal narcotic, possessing, dispensing, or using it may result in legal consequences like arrest, penalties, or jail time.

Can You Boof Marijuana?

The act of administering marijuana rectally, or boofing weed, is not a suggested or typical way to consume the drug. Rectal administration of marijuana has the potential to be dangerous and may not provide the desired results, despite the fact that some people may try it. Additionally, marijuana legality differs throughout jurisdictions, so it's crucial to comprehend and abide by local laws and ordinances governing its possession and usage.

Are there any substances that should never be boofed?

Yes, the rectal lining and surrounding tissues can suffer serious damage from substances that are corrosive, caustic, or very acidic. These include cleaning products, industrial solvents, and intensified versions of potent acids and bases. Additionally, medications not made expressly for rectal delivery may have adverse effects when ingested and differ from those meant for oral ingestion.

What social stigmas are attached to boofing?

Boofing social stigmas can change depending on cultural, societal, and individual perceptions. Boofing is linked to drug usage. Therefore, some stigmas may be associated with dangerous conduct, substance misuse, or indulging in strange or taboo behaviors. As boofing may be viewed as an extreme or desperate measure, judgments may also be made on moral or ethical grounds. However, it's crucial to approach these discussions with sensitivity and understanding because stigma can feed unfavorable preconceptions and stifle candid discussions about safer drug use behaviors.

Does boofing indicate a broader problem?

Boofing is a particular way of administering medication. It does not necessarily signify a larger issue. However, there may be cause for concern given the situation and frequency of boofing. Boofing may be a sign of a larger issue with substance abuse, mental health, or self-destructive inclinations if it is a pattern of substance misuse, addiction, or dangerous behavior.

What are the Signs of a Substance Use Disorder?

Signs of a substance use disorder can vary widely, but they typically include a range of behavioral and physical indications such as:

- A persistent desire or unsuccessful efforts to control or reduce substance use.

- Continuation of substance use despite awareness of harmful consequences.

- Allocating a significant amount of time obtaining, using, or recovering from the effects of the substance.

- Strong urges or cravings to use the substance.

- Failure to fulfill major role obligations at work, school, or home due to recurrent substance use.

- Withdrawal from social, recreational, or occupational activities once enjoyed.

- Engaging in dangerous behaviors more frequently, especially when under the influence.

- Experiencing symptoms of withdrawal when attempting to cut down or stop substance use.

- Developing tolerance, characterized by the need for increased amounts of the substance to achieve intoxication or desired effect, or a notably diminished effect with continued use of the same amount.

- Resorting to illegal activities to obtain the substance. Recognizing these signs can be crucial for seeking timely help and intervention.

Getting Help After a Boofing Overdose

The dangers of boofing drugs could be fatal. If you or someone you know has engaged in butt-chugging or boofed alcohol and is showing signs of overdose, it is important to get immediate medical attention. This can be life-threatening, so dial 911 or get to a hospital as quickly as possible. If your loved one has just started boofing alcohol, our alcohol Pompano rehab program could just save their life.

If you suspect that your loved one could be abusing drugs or alcohol, you should try to get them into our Pompano Beach rehab center immediately. Do not wait until more serious health dangers arise or an addiction develops.

To learn more and to get your loved one the help they need, reach out to Banyan Treatment Centers Pompano at 888-280-4763.


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Alyssa, Director of Digital Marketing
Alyssa, Director of Digital Marketing
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The Dangers of Boofing Drugs
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