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Relapse Prevention Program

Relapse Prevention Program at Banyan Pompano

What is a relapse prevention program, and how can it help me solidify my recovery from drug addiction or alcoholism? When your goal is recovery from substance abuse, it’s helpful to keep in mind what kind of goal this is. Recovery isn’t a one-time deal. Rather, it’s a lifelong practice. Relapse prevention programs acknowledge this fact and are designed to help you work through the temptation to fall back into drug addiction or alcoholism.

It’s also important to remember that temporary setbacks such as relapse are just that: temporary. Relapse prevention programs can help you think of relapse in a constructive way—as something that you’re overcoming, rather than the end of hope for you. Click here to learn more about what happens when you relapse.

Relapse & Drug Treatment For Addiction

Why is relapse prevalent for people recovering from drug addiction or alcoholism? When you’ve chosen to change your life by overcoming drug addiction or alcoholism, you’ve made a big step forward. Admitting there’s a problem and deciding to work for a solution are two of the most important initial steps on the road to recovery.

Unfortunately, relapse is an ever-present threat for anyone recovering from addiction or alcoholism. It can surface years after people have gained sobriety, often with very little warning. It’s completely understandable. After all, addiction is a compulsive disease that traps people into doing things they don’t want to do. But you can minimize your chances of relapse by choosing the right forms of drug treatment, and by the proper planning. Read a Wikipedia entry about relapse.

Protecting Your Sobriety From A Relapse

What are some ways that I can protect myself from relapse? One of the main things you can do to protect yourself from drug treatment relapse is to choose the right kind of treatment. For example, long-term drug treatment against drugs and alcohol is much more effective at preventing relapse than short-term treatment. A course of 90 days in a drug treatment center can reduce the risk of relapse by up to 73% versus a 30-day stay.

The type of treatment itself can have important implications for your relapse, or avoidance of it. For example, relapse prevention drug treatment can help you keep a positive mindset in order to prevent relapse. Focus on your progress and where you’re going—recovery! Don’t dwell on any relapse as a failure. Instead, look ahead and keep moving toward the goal.

A Quality Drug Treatment Program To Help Against Relapse

How can a relapse prevention program at Banyan Treatment Center help me stay safe from relapse? At Banyan Treatment Center, we know just how terrifying relapse can be. Remember, it’s only temporary, and it’s not something you necessarily have to be afraid of.

You can stay protected from relapse by:

  • Staying positive
  • Focusing on progress and your goal
  • Making wise choices when it comes to drug treatment


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