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Outpatient Program

Outpatient Program at Banyan Philadelphia

Addiction is a serious problem and can affect people from all walks of life. While some people may have a noticeable drug problem, not everyone may be so obvious.

That successful lawyer at the big law firm, the busy mom with four kids, or the seemingly put-together church group leader who organizes all of the events – they could all be battling substance abuse problems without your knowledge.

No matter who is it, those with an addiction problem need to seek professional help and an outpatient program may be their best option.

How An Outpatient Program For Addiction Can Help

Everyone is different and people have unique requirements when it comes to the type of treatment they are looking for. Life gets busy and for those people with children, a full-time job, school, and a variety of other responsibilities, a hefty and time-intensive addiction program may not be realistic.

The best part about an outpatient program for addiction is that it requires a shorter time commitment. Patients need to only devote a minimal amount of their time each week to their program. Because of this, patients are able to keep their jobs, continue to take classes, and do not have to rely too heavily on outside childcare. Outpatient programs typically tend to have more flexible schedules as well, so they are a great option for those people whose calendars are always changing.

Some people may enter an outpatient program as a part of their transition from a stricter drug or alcohol treatment program to life on their own. These patients have already completed other programs but are still looking for support from their rehab. For some patients, an outpatient program is just enough guidance to help keep them on track but without interrupting their daily lives. Just like training wheels, the addiction therapies offered during this time are there to keep the patient from falling while still allowing them to move forward.

Our Outpatient Program in Philadelphia

At Banyan Philadelphia, we know that a residential or partial hospitalization program for addiction is not the best choice for everyone. For those people looking for a less intense solution, our outpatient program can help.

With a flexible therapy schedule five days a week and a time commitment that ranges from 90 minutes to several hours a week, patients can come to treatment when it is best for them. There is no more excuse that you do not have time for treatment. Our outpatient rehab program includes both group and individual settings depending on the patient’s specific needs. Patients will work with trained and experienced professionals in a comfortable setting that is meant to be conducive to their recovery. During these sessions, patients will focus on what it takes to maintain long-term sobriety and relapse prevention techniques. It is our hope that with the help of this program, our patients will be more comfortable in their recovery journey and be more confident as they move forward.

Whether you struggle with drinking or your loved one is looking for heroin addiction treatment in Philadelphia, we want to help. Our OP could be exactly what you need to stay on track with your recovery journey. Call us now to find out how Banyan Philadelphia can help you or a loved one: (888) 219-0442

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