Biofeedback for Addiction at Banyan Philadelphia

Substance abuse disorders are much more problematic than just your body developing a dependence on a certain drug. Often, addicts are so carried away by their addictions that multiple aspects of their lives begin to suffer. In order to overcome these addictions for good, drug and alcohol abuse treatment needs to take all of these factors into account. One technique that can help with addiction beyond just physical dependence is biofeedback.

What Is Biofeedback?

Biofeedback is a therapy that focuses on teaching someone how to recognize and control the body’s involuntary psychological functions such as heart rate, body temperature, and blood pressure. During a biofeedback therapy session, patients are connected to various sensors that monitor the body’s psychological functions and then mimic these patterns using sensory cues. While these functions seem involuntary, biofeedback therapy teaches people how they can control these processes to relax and, in turn, provides the patient with a better understanding of their own health. Biofeedback can be used to help people with mental health disorders as well as those who struggle with substance abuse disorders.


Biofeedback for Addiction

As a PA drug rehab center, we know that addiction recovery, especially in the earliest stages, is filled with stressful situations. The recovering addict is attempting to change their life completely while dealing with the physical and mental symptoms of drug withdrawal. The whole process can be overwhelming and lead to large amounts of stress. If left untreated, this stress can bottle up and cause serious health problems as well as lead to a greater likelihood of relapse.

Biofeedback therapy for addiction is one way to help recovering addicts deal with this stress in a healthy manner. The supervising therapist will teach the patient various relaxation techniques during treatment and once the patient can control their physiological functions on their own, they will be better able to handle the stress that comes with being in recovery.


Along with better stress management, there are many other benefits of biofeedback for addiction including:

  • Treating headaches that are often a symptom of withdrawal
  • Decreasing high blood pressure
  • Improving mental health
  • Improving focus
  • Reducing symptoms of PTSD
  • Decreasing anxiety
  • Controlling muscle spasms

Biofeedback Therapy as a Part of Comprehensive Treatment

We believe that the only way to achieve long-lasting sobriety is to address all of the issues that come with substance abuse disorders. In order to do this, patients in our Philly PHP and other treatment programs will be exposed to biofeedback as well as a variety of other therapies and programs during their time with us. These programs will include a series of proven medical therapies as well as treatments that are focused more on mental healing. The hope is that by exposing our patients to a variety of programs, they will not only heal as a whole but also, they will be able to find the techniques that work best for them and can be carried over to their time outside of treatment.


At Banyan Philadelphia, we do our best to provide our patients with all of the tools they need for a successful and long-term recovery. Contact us today to get started.

Most Insurance Plans Accepted

Addiction treatment doesn’t need to be out of reach. At our drug rehab in Delaware, our goal is to assist as many people as we can. We accept a variety of insurance plans to help people get the addiction treatment they need. If you do not have health insurance, there are other ways to pay for treatment. Call us today to see if your insurance will cover your treatment program and to talk about alternatives if necessary.

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