Similar to some of our other Banyan rehab locations, our Gilman, IL Banyan rehab offers a Military and Veterans in Recovery program that includes medical detox, substance-specific care, and more to help both present and past servicemen and women recover from drug and alcohol abuse. Our military and veterans' residential care for addiction is a program in which clients live at the facility while receiving treatment for their substance use disorders (SUD). This program addresses withdrawals as well as the mental or emotional reasons behind drug use. If you or someone you love is a veteran or military service member struggling with addiction, our SUD residential treatment is here to help.  

How SUD Residential Treatment Works  

While some people may receive adequate care in programs set in outpatient settings, people who have long-term substance use disorders might benefit from residential inpatient treatment. Considering that an essential element of addiction care is the length of the treatment program, residential treatment is long enough to help clients develop healthy habits that are conducive to a sober lifestyle.  

Additionally, substance abuse treatment is often effective when done in a continuum. Our residential rehab for veterans and military members provides round-the-clock care to help our clients achieve sobriety and develop the independence, confidence, and skills to sustain it for the rest of their lives.    

While seeing immediate results is often the goal, our inpatient residential treatment for military and veterans offers is focused on instilling skills and lessons and offering support that builds a foundation for long-term sobriety. We want our clients to feel confident in their abilities to abstain from drugs and alcohol once they leave our Illinois drug rehab. 

Services offered in residential recovery programs usually include: 

  • Family and couples counseling  
  • Relapse prevention skills training 
  • Aftercare services  

Benefits of Residential Rehab   

Our military and veterans’ residential care for addiction offers certain benefits that other levels of care may lack, such as:  

  • Medical support for withdrawal  
  • Safety, security, and comfort through withdrawal treatment 
  • A judgment-free environment  
  • 24-hour support  
  • Peer support from a tight-knit recovery community 
  • Aftercare support  

Despite the variety of benefits offered in our veterans' substance abuse residential rehabilitation treatment program, all levels of treatment are beneficial for individuals who want to recover from addiction and live a sober lifestyle. With that said, clients must be provided with treatment plans based on their physical and psychological symptoms, history of drug use, and other unique factors for them to have a successful recovery.   

For this reason, our Heartland rehab facility conducts a clinical assessment to create treatment plans for clients that consider all of these factors. During this assessment, clients may answer questions about their physical and mental health, how long they’ve been using drugs or alcohol, the types of substances they’ve used, their home environment, and more.  

What Our Military & Veterans Residential Services Include 

The veterans' substance abuse residential rehabilitation treatment program at our Heartland treatment center combines medically supervised detox, psychotherapy, family and couples therapy, and alumni services to ensure that patients are receiving support for recovery during and even after they’ve completed treatment. Starting with our detox programs, we help clients safely and successfully get through withdrawals, which are often uncomfortable enough to result in relapse.  

Medical support is crucial for treating what happens to the body during withdrawal and keeping clients safe as they experience symptoms like hallucinations, fevers, headaches, tremors, and seizures. Detox is administered in a supportive and distraction-free environment, reducing the risk of relapse and health complications.  

After detox, clients attend individual and group therapy sessions with our licensed therapists and recovery counselors to address the underlying mental and emotional ties to drugs and alcohol. During therapy, clients explore the source of their drug and alcohol use disorders and learn healthy ways to manage their sobriety after rehab.  


With the right kind of help, recovery from addiction is possible and sustainable. For more information about our military and veterans’ residential care for addiction or our other forms of Illinois addiction treatment, contact Banyan Heartland today. 

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At Banyan Heartland, our goal is to make sure that anyone who needs treatment from drug and alcohol addiction is able to get the help needed to assist them on the road to recovery. If you don't have insurance contact us to inquire about alternate methods regarding treatment for yourself or a loved one.

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