Heroin Withdrawal Treatment at Banyan Heartland

Heroin is a highly potent drug at the center of an opioid epidemic that’s only getting worse. At Banyan Heartland, we’re focused on helping patients find sobriety, and break free from the grips of this dangerous drug. Our heroin detox in Illinois supports the full scope of treatment, allowing patients to get and stay sober. If you or someone you love needs opioid addiction treatment in Gilman, it begins with heroin detox in Illinois. Our team at Banyan Treatment Centers Heartland is here to help.

Is There an Opioid Epidemic in Illinois?

The opioid crisis has had a profound impact on Illinois, as evidenced by the startling rise in opioid-related fatalities. Between 2019 and 2020, the state had a 33% increase in opioid overdoses.1 The alarming fact that 2,944 people died from opioid overdoses in 2020 alone—more than from fatal car crashes and homicides combined—highlights the seriousness of the problem. The disturbingly high prevalence of synthetic opioids, such as fentanyl, is partly to blame for this spike in fatalities. The severity of the crisis is highlighted by the startling 2,736% rise in synthetic opioid-related deaths in Illinois since 2013.1

Illinois ranked 24th in the US in 2019 for age-adjusted drug overdose deaths (21.9 deaths per 100,000 persons).1 These statistics provide a clear picture of the consequences of the Illinois opioid crisis, highlighting how critical it is to continue the fight against this public health disaster and provide support to those who are addicted.

Illinois Heroin Detox Center

The detoxification process can be dangerous, which is why it’s crucial to trust professionals with your heroin detox centers in Illinois. The medical and therapeutic professionals at our Heartland drug rehab specialize in all steps of the heroin detox process. This may include medically supervised detox along with support programs to mitigate the discomfort often associated with heroin detox.

Fighting Heroin Withdrawals

Withdrawals are the most common fear people have when detoxing from drugs or alcohol. Heroin withdrawals happen when the body tries to adjust to a state without the drugs it’s become dependent upon.

Heroin withdrawal symptoms include:

  • Anxiety
  • Nausea
  • Muscle cramping
  • Sweating
  • Cold Flashes, Hot Flashes
  • Sleeplessness
  • Nausea

These heroin withdrawal symptoms usually last just a few days, and many techniques and medicines can help diminish the severity of withdrawal symptoms. Our team helps to treat common withdrawal symptoms as a part of our program for heroin detox in Illinois.

The Heroin Withdrawal Timeline

During a heroin detox, withdrawal symptoms typically manifest within a relatively short timeframe, usually commencing between 8 to 24 hours after the last dose. These symptoms can persist for an extended period, spanning from 4 to 10 days.2 It's important to keep in mind that everyone will experience withdrawal differently, varying in length and intensity based on several variables such as dosage, using patterns, and overall health. While withdrawal's physical consequences are certainly a factor, it's crucial to realize that the detox process encompasses a greater variety of experiences and challenges that individuals face as they work toward recovery.

The heroin withdrawal timeline can be terrifying for people who are attempting to kick their addiction. The severity of heroin addiction can be highlighted by the fact that symptoms start to show up within a few hours after stopping the drug. However, understanding this chronology is an essential initial step in the healing process, as it provides a framework for individuals and medical professionals to anticipate and manage future barriers. If people receive the proper support and medical attention, like that found at our Illinois heroin detox center, they can successfully navigate this crucial phase on the path back to their health and well-being.

What Happens After Completing Heroin Detox?

Following the completion of your heroin detox program in Illinois, you will begin the next step of treatment. Typically, this includes PHP or residential treatment. During PHP and residential treatment, patients enter effective therapeutic approaches to address the underlying factors of their addiction. These therapies can include 12-step programs, motivational interviewing, and art therapy through creative mediums like music. After residential treatment, many patients enter IOP treatment to help them begin the transition back into sober life.

Effective heroin detox in Illinois is the first step in overcoming drug addiction. Following this program, patients can address additional factors of their substance abuse problems via Banyan’s heroin addiction treatment options. Our Heartland detox center allows patients to address the physical components of active addictions. Once these challenges are addressed, additional treatment of the underlying components of addiction can begin. Many factors contribute to active addiction, and the physical aspects of addiction are just one component. Full treatment during and after detox can help solidify sobriety. 

Contact Banyan Heartland today to learn more about our detox and addiction treatment programs offered at our Illinois rehabs.


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  2. National Center for Biotechnology Information – Clinical Guidelines for Withdrawal Management and Treatment of Drug Dependence in Closed Settings.

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