About Banyan Heartland

Banyan Heartland is a licensed residential treatment facility that provides a personal approach to addiction treatment for men and women suffering from substance abuse disorders. As a Joint Commission Accredited addiction treatment center, we put our patients’ needs first. We understand that the journey to sobriety is long one and requires a lot of support and care. To help our patients through this difficult process, we develop an individualized recovery plan that integrates evidence-based methods with experiential therapies for comprehensive addiction treatment. Our goal is to not only help patients overcome their addiction but to help them heal entirely from the damage left behind from their addiction because we know that addiction can destroy many different aspects of a person’s life. Patients who complete residential treatment at our Heartland rehab facility will leave with a clear path to recovery and will gain the tools necessary to maintain sobriety for life.

About Banyan Treatment Centers Heartland’s Programs and Staff

The first step to recovery is our medically-monitored detox at Heartland. Patients in need of detox services will receive care from nurses and medical staff on-site 24/7 to ensure that the process goes smoothly and patients can be as comfortable as possible. The next step of the recovery process is our Illinois residential program. There are 36 beds available, a generous staff-to-patient ratio that provides each patient individualized care from addiction treatment professionals who are experts in their field. The program is separated by gender to cater to the specific needs of both men and women while providing patients a safe space to address underlying trauma related to their substance use. Our highly trained Banyan Heartland staff members are addiction specialists that include physicians, nurses, therapists and residential staff who will get to know each patient in order to provide every form of support possible during the recovery process. Additionally, patients will meet with their family therapist on a weekly basis to communicate with loved ones during these sessions to heal the family unit and set the foundation for long-term recovery.

About Our Heartland Rehab Center Accommodations

Banyan's Heartland facility is located on 33 acres of sprawling farmland about two hours south of Chicago on the grounds of a former spa and wellness center. The warm, country-style accommodations provide a calming environment that is ideal for healing, and the rural setting offers a place where patients can clear their heads in as they prepare to return to their everyday routines after treatment. There is also a fitness center on-site for patients to establish healthy habits and improve physical and mental well-being during treatment as well as a pond and ample space for taking walks on the expansive grounds of the facility.

If you or a loved one is looking for detox and addiction treatment in Illinois, we want to help. We hold Joint Commission Accreditation because we offer quality care for our patients. Contact us today to learn more about Banyan Heartland and how we can help you or your loved one get on the right track for sober living.