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Addiction support groups are an excellent and essential factor in treatment. One of our groups, the Christian 12-step program at Banyan Treatment Centers provides a wonderful example of the effectiveness of addiction groups. The type of program will determine what happens in group therapy. For instance, support groups for families of addicts may share different topics and activities than for individuals specifically struggling with opioid or alcohol addiction.

Benefits of Support Groups for Addiction

Addiction group therapy includes numerous benefits for individuals who are in the process of recovering from addiction. Individuals can share common group discussions and experiences, which helps a person not feel alone in their addiction or in the process of recovery. Addiction support groups are a powerful tool that provides a sense of community and security.

Primary Benefits of group therapy include:

  • Gaining motivation to stay sober
  • Developing recovery coping skills
  • Reduced depression symptoms
  • Creating new relationships for support
  • Learning how to control craving

Thanks to the support of addiction groups, self-acceptance and growth can be the outcome of addiction instead of long-term health risks or potential overdose. Meetings provide inspiration and means to sustain lifelong recovery.

Group Topics for Addiction

Addiction support groups should begin with fun ice-breakers so individuals can introduce themselves. A person can mention their name, something they like to do, and their biggest pet peeve. Other interesting topics can be discussing the neuroscience of addiction, gratitude, relapse, and ways to deal with stress. Also, groups can talk about their childhood memories and their positive and negative experiences.

It is possible for people to turn from addiction and sustain sobriety. Having a support system like an addiction support group is a wonderful way to ensure recovery.

Addiction Support Groups at Our Chicago Rehab

At Banyan Chicago, our addiction treatment center, our specialists and licensed therapists offer group counseling for drug addiction and support group therapy so individuals can live a life of recovery. We also offer unique therapeutic methods like art therapy and SMART recovery to help reduce or eliminate cravings.


If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, contact a specialist at Banyan Treatment Centers and ask about our residential treatment program to get started today! 


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