California Addiction Treatment

California is known for its beautiful beaches, picturesque views, and laid-back culture. These characteristics are what make the state recognizable to people all around the world. With tourist attractions like the Golden Gate Bridge, Hollywood, Yosemite National Park, and Disneyland that bring in millions of people per year, it’s no wonder why this state is so popular. Unfortunately, while many people think of Cali as a dreamy vacation spot, it’s also home to many drug problems. Rehab centers in California offer some of the best drug and alcohol rehab programs in the nation. From San Francisco to San Diego and everywhere in between, addiction treatment in Cali is available through a variety of facilities, including Banyan Treatment Centers Palm Springs.

California Drug Problems

As a California rehabilitation center, we’re aware of the various drug trends that plague the state. Based on recent studies, marijuana and alcohol are the top most abused substances in California, along with cocaine, opioids, and heroin. Below are some statistics on drug abuse in California and how it’s affected its residents.

  • 8% of California’s population (2.7 million people) have a substance use disorder, but only 10% received addiction treatment.1
  • In 2018, alcohol use disorder was more common in the state at 6% compared to 3% for illicit drugs.1
  • In California, substance use disorders were most prevalent among young adults aged 18 to 25, occurring at nearly double the rate as the state average.1
  • Between 2010 and 2011, 10.47% of California residents reported past-month use of illicit drugs; the national average at the time was 8.82%.2
  • From 2017 to 2019, the average prevalence of past-year marijuana use in California among young adults aged 18 to 25 was 39.5% (1.7 million people), higher than both the national average (35.0%) and regional average (38.3%). 6.5% of these cases were related to marijuana use disorders.3
  • The annual average of past-year opioid use disorders from 2017 to 2019 among people aged 18 to 25 in California was 8.0% (338,000 people).3
  • From 2017 to 2019, the annual average of past-month binge alcohol use among adults aged 18 to 25 in California was 34.0% (1.4 million people).3

Cali is one of the several states that legalized recreational marijuana use. Similar to alcohol, while marijuana may be legal in the state, it doesn’t mean it’s safe. Many people are either unaware of or underestimate the dangers of marijuana use. Alcohol is also a dangerous substance that can cause health complications and addiction when abused. Heroin, cocaine, and marijuana are frequently brought in from other countries, and because California borders Mexico, it makes the state a hot spot for drug trafficking and distribution. As a result, drug abuse in California is a growing problem. Rehab facilities in California that offer effective and safe forms of substance abuse treatment are very much needed to help as many residents as possible.

Why Should You Go to California for Addiction Treatment?

The rate of drug overdoses is rising across the state, and many people in California are choosing to get help. In fact, drug overdoses have become the leading cause of injury-related deaths in the United States. In 2019 alone, 70,630 people died from a drug overdose. Opioids have become the most concerning contributing factor in the rise in overdose deaths, and 49,860 (70.6%) of those total deaths were caused by opioids.4 Opioid addiction treatment, along with other forms of addiction care, are necessary to help people in this situation recover.

Whether you should travel to one of the several drug rehab centers in California depends on several factors, but it’s important to always keep an open mind about the possibilities. Finding a drug rehab program that fulfills your needs increases your chances of long-term sobriety. Addiction treatment centers in California are among the most respected in the country, and our treatment center in Cathedral City, called Banyan Palm Springs, is one of them.

Some perks of going to rehab in California include:

  • Beautiful climate
  • Nature
  • Beautiful scenery
  • Numerous trained professionals
  • Improved quality of life
  • Separation from distractions at home
  • Motivation to create new, healthy habits on your own
  • Strong recovery community
  • Chance to start fresh on your own terms

Banyan Treatment Center California

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Banyan Palm Springs is a facility in Cathedral City. Our programs for drug addiction treatment in California address substance use disorders related to substances like alcohol, benzodiazepines (benzos), cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, opioids, and prescription pills. In addition to these rehab programs, we also offer various levels of care, including medical detox, a partial hospitalization program (PHP), and inpatient treatment. During treatment, patients can also benefit from different therapy programs that address the underlying causes of their conditions. There are many emotional and psychological factors of addiction that require more than just physical treatment. To ensure that our patients get all the help they need to achieve sobriety and stay sober for good, we offer every avenue of care possible.

With so many treatment centers in California, there’s no better time to begin your recovery or get help for a loved one. Contact us now for more information about our California addiction treatment facility and services.