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Substance Abuse Programs

Banyan Palm Springs Substance Abuse Programs

As a rehab in Palm Springs, we understand that a substance abuse problem is not something that can be easily overcome. Addiction is a disease and those who want to get sober often need professional help during their journey. Even then, the person may not be successful if the rehab is ill-equipped to meet their needs. Addiction is different for everyone, so you need a facility that creates a treatment plan that is customized to the individual patient. At Banyan Treatment Centers Palm Springs, we are a Joint Commission Accredited rehab, and we have several substance abuse programs to ensure that every patient gets what they need to best prepare them for long-term success in their sobriety journey.

Substance Abuse Treatment Programs at Banyan Palm Springs

At Banyan Palm Springs, we offer various drug and alcohol rehab programs so that each patient can find a treatment plan that matches their specific requirements and goals. An alcoholic has different needs than someone who is abusing cocaine, and therefore, each should be treated differently. Our substance-specific programs take into account the inherent differences between the types of addictions and the different effects that these substances can have on an individual.

Our substance abuse programs in Palm Springs include treatment for:

In each of these addiction treatment programs, patients will be placed in the appropriate level of addiction treatment depending on the severity of their addiction and the duration. During treatment, all patients will participate in various therapies led by trained and licensed staff members. As they progress through recovery, their treatment plan will change with them to ensure that their needs are always being met.

Secondary Addiction Treatment Programs

Still, this may not be enough. Addiction is dependent on more than just the substances being abused. Everyone is unique and has different pasts, so it is important that treatment programs take these factors into account. For this reason, we offer some secondary programs to help further meet the needs of our patients and prepare them for long-term sobriety.

12 Steps

One of the many program options we offer our patients is the 12 Steps. The 12 Steps are a famous series of outlined steps for someone in recovery to help them on their journey to lasting sobriety. With our modified 12 Steps program, we will work with our patients and guide them through this process to help them reach their end goals and make it to the final step.

Alumni Program

At Banyan Palm Springs, we want to know that our patients are successful outside of treatment. Besides giving them the tools they need to stay sober and teaching them about relapse prevention, we go one step further. Our rehab alumni program helps our former patients from across the United States connect to build a community of support.

If you or someone you love is struggling with a substance abuse disorder, there is hope. While addiction is different for everyone, we are prepared to address all of your concerns with our individual treatment plans and unique substance abuse programs.

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