About Banyan Palm Springs

At Banyan Palm Springs, we offer drug and alcohol addiction treatment for those struggling with various substance abuse disorders. Because addiction comes in many forms and affects people differently, our programs include everything from help for alcoholism to an opioid detox program. It is our goal to work with people so that they can overcome their addictions and achieve long-term sobriety whether their substance abuse problems are mild or severe. We work with people who admit themselves to our programs as well as those who are trying to get their loved one help for a substance abuse disorder.


More About Our Drug Rehab in California

Located in beautiful Palm Springs, our California inpatient rehab center offers a great and relaxing location to aid patients in the recovery process and allow them to focus on getting and staying sober. Before a treatment plan is created or patients are placed in the appropriate level of care, all patients will undergo a full medical assessment. With this assessment, we can determine the best course of action for the patient’s recovery journey to ensure the greatest chance of them achieving long-term sobriety with us.

Unlike some other rehab centers, along with top-notch medical practices, at Banyan Treatment Center Palm Springs, we expose patients to a variety of unique treatment programs to ensure a comprehensive approach to sobriety that will better their chances of remaining sober once their programs are complete. Our Banyan Palm Springs staff also includes a plethora of specialized professionals who are experienced in their respective fields and care about seeing our patients succeed. Some of our staff have even struggled with addiction themselves so they understand exactly what patients are going through.


The History Of Banyan Palm Springs & The Banyan Difference

Banyan Palm Springs is an extension of our network of nationwide addiction rehabs, Banyan Treatment Centers. At Banyan Treatment Centers, we have spent several years helping people from across the country overcome their substance abuse disorders as well as their mental health problems and lead happier and healthier lives. With several Joint Commission Accredited facilities across the United States, we believe in a comprehensive approach to addiction treatment as well as creating personalized and tailored treatment plans for each patient. These individualized plans are designed to give patients their greatest chance of long-term success.

Not only will we work with our patients to help them overcome their physical dependence on a substance, but we also strive to dig deeper so as to decrease the chance of relapse. We also strongly believe that sobriety is a life-long journey and requires support throughout the process. Because of this mantra, our patients can confidently leave our facility knowing that they are not alone. Even after walking out of our door, we continue to reach out and provide resources for the lifelong recovery process.


If you are interested in learning more about Banyan Palm Springs or our programs, feel free to contact one of our admission specialists today and take the first step to sobriety.