Alcohol Addiction Treatment at Banyan Palm Springs

Although legal in the United States for people over the age of 21, alcohol is still a dangerous substance that can be addictive. Alcohol abuse can lead to serious health problems, physically and mentally, run-ins with the law, relationship issues, and financial problems. Although several people have unhealthy relationships with alcohol, the fact that drinking is a social activity can make it hard to tell who likes to drink and who needs alcoholism treatment. Our Palm Springs rehab center helps people stop drinking and learn how to live without it.

What Are the Psychological Causes of Alcoholism?

Alcohol use disorder, also known as alcoholism, is a complicated illness impacted by several psychological variables. Genetics plays a major role as well, since people who have a family history of alcoholism may be genetically prone to the disorder. Furthermore, impulsivity, low self-esteem, and high levels of stress are psychological qualities that can aid in the emergence and maintenance of alcoholism. People may also self-medicate with alcohol as a coping strategy or as a means of easing emotional distress or trauma. Social influences, like peer pressure and cultural standards around alcohol use, influence how a person feels about drinking.

Signs Someone Needs Alcohol Abuse Treatment

Because alcohol abuse can be so destructive, it is important that people recognize bad drinking habits in themselves or their loved ones as soon as problems arise.

Some common signs of alcoholism include:

  • Drinking any time of day
  • Drinking at work
  • Letting alcohol and drinking get in the way of other responsibilities
  • Drinking alone
  • Making excuses about drinking
  • Concealing the amount of alcohol consumed
  • Getting into trouble with the law for drinking
  • Frequently blacking out or always drinking to excess

A person may also exhibit physical signs of alcohol abuse, including:

  • Frequent and noticeable odor of alcohol on the breath
  • Bloodshot or glassy eyes
  • Slurred or impaired speech
  • Unsteady or uncoordinated movements, stumbling, or loss of balance
  • Tremors or shaking hands
  • Flushed or puffy face
  • Inappropriate or exaggerated emotional reactions
  • Chronic fatigue or unexplained exhaustion
  • Changes in appetite and weight loss or gain
  • Deterioration of personal hygiene and grooming habits
  • Skin problems, such as redness, acne, or sores
  • Dilated or constricted pupils
  • Persistent cough or hoarseness
  • Yellowing of the skin or eyes (jaundice)
  • Nosebleeds or frequent bruising
  • Swollen or bloated abdomen (signs of liver damage)
  • Poor coordination and fine motor skills, difficulty with tasks requiring precision

How to Support an Alcoholic in Recovery

A thoughtful and sympathetic approach is necessary while helping someone through alcoholism recovery. To better comprehend the difficulties that people with addiction and alcoholism encounter, start by educating yourself about these issues. Encourage the person to get professional assistance and treatment, stressing that doing so is a courageous step toward recovery. Be a good listener and give them a place where they can freely share their thoughts and feelings without being judged.

Throughout their journey, acknowledge their emotions and provide emotional support. Recognize that healing is a complicated process that may involve setbacks. Be sympathetic and empathetic. Be patient because recovery takes time and provides motivation to stick to their recovery objectives. Additionally, by offering to go with them to therapy or support group meetings, you can demonstrate your commitment to be a part of their healing process. In the end, simply being there for an alcoholic in recovery shows them you believe in their ability to conquer addiction and are unwavering in your love and support.

Our Alcohol Rehab Center in Palm Springs

Trying to stop drinking is challenging, and going about it on your own can be almost impossible. At Banyan Palm Springs, our California alcohol rehab center helps people struggling with various degrees of alcoholism find long-term sobriety.

The first step to alcohol addiction treatment is detox. Our California alcohol detox center provides a comfortable environment away from their everyday lives where people can wean their bodies off alcohol and its toxins. With constant medical supervision and care, our patients can ensure that they are safe, and our staff will help reduce the intensity of common withdrawal symptoms that accompany this process for alcoholics. Although detox is a necessary first step, recovery from alcohol addiction in its entirety is a lot more involved. Often alcohol abuse is connected to poor mental health, and for people to find long-term sobriety, they must address these problems during their alcohol dependence treatment program.

During residential alcohol treatment, our patients will engage in a variety of different programs and therapies. This programming is meant to address frequent problems alcoholics face and educate our patients on how to deal with common alcohol triggers that could cause them to fall off the wagon. Because the patients in our alcohol addiction treatment option will be working in groups with other recovering alcoholics, our program helps build a community of support that they can come to rely on even after their treatment is complete.

Because every patient is unique and alcohol abuse is different for everyone, each patient will also participate in individual therapy sessions with a designated therapist throughout their time with us. This therapist can help the patient work through their unique problems and alter the patient’s treatment plan to meet their specific needs.

At Banyan Palm Springs, we want to help you or your loved one learn to live without alcohol. If you are ready to take back your life or want to know more about helping a loved one with a drinking problem, contact us today to get started.



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Most Insurance Plans Accepted

At Banyan Palm Springs, our goal is to make sure that anyone who needs treatment from drug and alcohol addiction is able to get the help needed to assist them on the road to recovery. If you don't have insurance contact us to inquire about alternate methods regarding treatment for yourself or a loved one.

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