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12 Step Program At Banyan Palm Springs

The 12 Steps are a famous program used to help people with substance abuse disorders in the recovery process. The 12 Step model was originally used with Alcoholics Anonymous to help alcoholics with their sobriety but has since been expanded to treat various addiction problems including those extending beyond drugs or alcohol. The creators of the 12 Steps, Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob Smith, believed that lasting sobriety could only be achieved after these steps were all completed. Because the program has been so successful, 12 Steps groups can be found throughout the country and altered versions are often implemented in rehab programs to assist with the treatment of patients.

Our 12 Steps for Addiction Treatment

Our modified 12 Step program at Banyan Palm Springs is designed to meet the specific needs of our patients and help them progress through the stages of recovery toward a better life. It involves a series of steps and guidelines for best practices for a successful recovery that goes beyond an alcohol or drug detox. The 12 Steps address everything from relationship problems to holding the recovering addict responsible for their wrongdoings. When patients go through our 12 Steps for addiction treatment, they will learn that recovery often requires the help of others instead of just willpower alone.

Addiction recovery is unique to each person, and everyone progresses through these steps at their own pace. To help each patient successfully complete treatment, our trained staff members will work with patients individually to ensure that progress is being made. If necessary, we will work with the patient to modify these steps to make sure the individual needs are being met and progress can continue. Once our 12 Step program for addiction treatment is complete, patients should feel more confident about their sobriety and the idea of a life free from drugs and alcohol.

Using the 12 Steps for Thorough Recovery

At our substance abuse center in Palm Springs, we know that the best way to ensure that our patients stay sober is to help them work through all of their problems that are related to their substance abuse. Several addicts have physical,

Because we want our patients to be successful outside of our facility, our 12 Step program is just one aspect of treatment. We also expose our patients to a variety of addiction treatment therapies in conjunction with the 12 Steps that are designed to address the ancillary needs of the client as it relates to their substance abuse disorder. These include evidence-based practices and therapies that range from group therapy sessions with peers to yoga. Together our programs are meant to help the patient prepare for life outside of treatment and work toward a healthier lifestyle.