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The Best Sober Activities in Chicago

The Best Sober Activities in Chicago

When the patients in our alcohol abuse treatment in Chicago finish their program, they are usually ready to start their new life but may also have some reservations.

Life in recovery can be a drastic change from the lives they led before they got help. For many people, this means adjusting their normal weekend activities, spending time with new people, and learning how to have fun without alcohol.

Fun Things to Do Sober in Chicago

While your weekend before may have consisted of bar hopping and day drinking, now that you are sober, this is no longer an option. Although you may be lost as to how to spend your free time, you can still have plenty of sober adventures in Chicago to keep you entertained. As providers of substance abuse treatment in Naperville, we are sharing our list of fun sober activities in Chicago that won’t cost you your sobriety.

Be a Tourist

Even If you live in Chicago, you may not have checked all the big tourist spots off of your list or it may have been several years since your last visit. Take the time to be a tourist again in your own city. Take a new photo in front of the Bean, watch the show at Buckingham Fountain, poke your head in the Chicago cultural center, take an architecture or mobster tour, explore one of the many museums, overlook the city in the Skydeck, or just get lost in downtown. There is so much to do in the Windy City that does not involve drinking and that you may not be taking full advantage of.

Museum Campus

Spend the day over at Museum Campus. The Adler Planetarium, Shedd Aquarium, and Field Museum are all sober attractions in Chicago that could take several hours each to complete.

Hit the Water

In the summer, the best sober activities in Chicago are those by the water. Walk, bike, rollerblade, or run the Lakefront trail, stroll along the Chicago Riverwalk, or grab some sun on one of the beaches. You could spend the whole day out by Lake Michigan or the river including lunch at one of the waterfront restaurants or pack your own picnic.

Grab a Bite

Chicago is famous for its unique spin on several dishes, but it is also home to a variety of different types of cuisine from around the world. Now that you are sober and no longer hitting the bars, take the time to go to the restaurants that you have always been meaning to try. Treat yourself to a nice dinner at one of Chicago’s finest restaurants, go to some places in Chinatown, or try something new in Greektown.

Attend Theater Shows

The Chicago Theatre is always showing new productions. Check out their schedule and catch a show. Go to a nice lunch or dinner beforehand and turn it into a whole day event.


Not only is the Magnificent Mile known for its higher end stores, but Chicago also has many unique local shops scattered throughout the city. Even just window shopping could keep you entertained for several hours.

Catch A Game

Chicago is home to several professional sports teams, which means games are happening all year round. Even if you are not a big sports fan, these events are still fun, entertaining, and worth the experience to go at least once.

Try Something New

Besides the more typical hot spots in the city, there are plenty of sober activities in Chicago that may involve things you have never done before. Go axe throwing, try your luck at an escape room, go bowling, or find an adult arcade. If your old friends are more interested in going out, reach out to your rehab alumni program to connect with other people in recovery in Chicago.

Go to the Zoo

The Lincoln Park Zoo is one of the only free zoos left in the country. Spend the day looking at the many different animals or catch one of the shows.

While life outside of rehab may be intimidating at first, life without alcohol doesn’t have to be boring. There are plenty of fun things to do in Chicago that do not involve drinking and won’t cost you your sobriety. If you do relapse, it can be okay. Our Chicago relapse recovery program helps people get back on track in their recovery journey. To get more information about our programs at Banyan Chicago or to connect with one of our staff members, call us today at 888-280-4763.

To get more information about our programs at Banyan Chicago or to connect with one of our staff members, call us today at 888-280-4763.

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