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How to Start the New Year Strong in Recovery

How to Start the New Year Strong in Recovery

As the year ends, the promise of a new year brings optimism for new opportunities and goals that can be reached.

If you are in addiction recovery, you know the significance of setting realistic goals for yourself, and how setting these goals can keep you accountable for your actions. Now is the perfect time to reflect on the last year and determine the areas of our life that need improvement. For those who have recently gone through addiction treatment, this is a pivotable time for your recovery journey as you plan out your new year goals for recovery. Setting the tone for a happy and healthy year ahead is crucial for long-term sobriety. At Banyan Treatment Center, we are here to help you establish attainable resolutions for your recovery efforts; we want everyone to start off this year on a positive note.

Commit to Working on Your Sobriety

Make attainable goals to attend weekly sobriety meetings to help you stay on track in the new year. Your sobriety must be constantly worked on, as this is a life-long commitment. You will start to see major life improvements when you take the time to focus on yourself and work on your recovery goals. Attend regular therapy sessions and work with your therapist to set monthly and even weekly goals.

Get Rid of the Toxicity

You can start off the new year with positivity when you cut out the toxicity in your life. This includes any people who do not support your recovery efforts, or people from your past who are negative influences. In order to fully preserve your sobriety, you must be surrounded by support and strength. You will start to feel happiness when you are no longer dragged down by negativity.

Practice Self-Care

For your recovery efforts, and even for your mental health, engaging in frequent self-care should be a priority this year. Take care of yourself by practicing meditation, or even indulge in a de-stressing activity, such as a massage. We can sometimes get wrapped up in taking care of our loved ones and forget to take care of ourselves.

Banyan Treatment Center provides addiction treatment in South Florida. We can help all who struggle with substance abuse fully overcome this disease. We wish everyone a happy and healthy New Year!

For help with sobriety this new year, contact us at 888-280-4763 for more information on the levels of care we provide.

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