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VR for Addiction Treatment

VR for Addiction Treatment

While virtual reality technology is getting attention for its gaming and entertainment possibilities, VR has a new frontier, and that’s addiction treatment.

Virtual reality technology can improve the outcomes of drug and alcohol treatment by helping to enhance learning and improve development of relapse prevention skills in patients [1]. With virtual reality, patients are immersed in triggering situations, facing their fears head-on and developing healthy coping mechanisms in a safe environment. Our partner facilities are using VR for addiction treatment, helping people find lasting sobriety.

Why VR for Addiction Treatment Works

Whether seeking drug, alcohol, or heroin treatment in Massachusetts, patients will face triggers for relapse when they complete the treatment program. VR for addiction treatment helps strengthen the outcome of drug, alcohol, and heroin treatment in Massachusetts by enabling patients to experience what they fear while in a safe environment. Exposure to VR reduces fear of the stimuli [2], and helps patients develop the right coping tools. VR is a type of cognitive behavioral therapy that can treat addiction.

The Path to Recovery Program

We have partnered with Dr. Phil’s Path to Recovery Program to enhance patient results. This program is used in conjunction with inpatient and outpatient treatment at our Pompano Beach facility. With the Path to Recovery Program, patients meet face to face with Dr. Phil in a VR environment. Together, patients and Dr. Phil work to get to the root of addiction, developing tools of sobriety. The program includes in-person assistance from an addiction expert to strengthen the lessons of the program.

A New Path to Sobriety

While many patients benefit from care at our Massachusetts drug treatment center, virtual reality technology can strengthen the growth. VR can enhance addiction treatment by helping patients develop further skills of sobriety.

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