Dual Diagnosis Treatment at Banyan Palm Springs

Dealing with a substance use disorder is challenging enough on its own, but unfortunately, addiction is often accompanied by other troubles as well. An estimated 7.7 million adults in the United States suffer from both a substance use disorder as well as a mental illness, known as a co-occurring disorder.1

In some cases, people with mental health disorders will turn to drugs and alcohol to self-medicate and eventually develop a substance use disorder when this coping continues. On the other hand, some people with substance use disorders will develop a mental illness as a secondary problem because of their addiction. Regardless of which came first, this comorbidity of disorders makes recovery that much harder because both problems need to be addressed for the person to find lasting success in recovery and happiness. Our dual diagnosis treatment center in the Coachella Valley helps patients do just that.


Signs of Co-Occurring Disorders

At our Palm Springs rehab center, we understand that because mental illness and substance use disorders can be so closely tied together, it can sometimes be hard to recognize both sets of problems. Some people may also be in denial about one or more of these issues which makes getting the proper dual diagnosis treatment even more challenging.

Signs that someone may need co-occurring disorders treatment may include:

    • Drinking or doing drugs because of a “bad day”
    • Use drugs or alcohol instead of dealing with problems
    • Complete change in personality and behavior from substance abuse
    • Relationship problems or becoming withdrawn
    • Inability to function normally
    • Employment problems
    • Engaging in risky behavior

Palm Springs Dual Diagnosis Treatment Program

At Banyan Treatment Centers Palm Springs, we want to help patients not only overcome their substance use disorders but also learn to manage the symptoms of their mental health disorders. Only by addressing both problems together are patients able to find lasting sobriety and relief.

Our co-occurring disorders treatment center provides patients with a complete schedule of therapies for drug addiction and mental health that facilitate comprehensive healing in our patients. Depending on the level of care, patients will complete a certain number of hours every week of these therapies. These programs range from individual counseling to alternative therapies that are run by certified and trained professionals. We also offer a trauma program for those who need to confront these past events in their life before being able to move forward. Through individual and group sessions, patients can practice self-discovery while also connecting with others who are in similar situations. This diverse agenda of programming also allows patients to not only learn more about the relationship between their mental health and substance abuse but also how to break this connection.

Once their dual diagnosis treatment program is complete, patients will automatically be admitted into our rehab alumni program so that they can continue to have the resources and support they need to remain successful. This type of continued guidance is what sets us apart from our treatment center. If you or a loved one is struggling with both mental illness and a substance use disorder, our dual diagnosis drug rehab in Palm Springs, California is here to help.