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Finding Yourself in Addiction Recovery

Finding Yourself in Addiction Recovery

It is normal to feel lost in addiction recovery and, at Banyan Pompano, many of our patients in our PHP treatment center struggle with this problem.

Not only are you trying to adjust to life without drugs and alcohol, but you may also be starting your life over from rock bottom. From finding a job, getting a place, making new friends, and learning to live without drugs or alcohol may leave you feeling overwhelmed and lost. Especially if you let your addiction become the most important thing in your life, you may feel like you no longer know who you are without it.   

Why Self-Discovery in Addiction Recovery Is Important 

While challenging, finding yourself in addiction recovery is an important part of the sobriety journey. It can give you confidence, a sense of direction, and give you affirmation as to why you got sober in the first place. It can also help you continue to work on progressing forward in recovery and give you a new and improved identity. Those who struggle to find themselves in addiction recovery may fall back into bad habits because they are familiar and end up relapsing.   

How to Find Yourself in Recovery 

If you are feeling lost in early recovery, you are not alone, but these tips on finding yourself in addiction recovery could be what you need to feel whole again.   


Sometimes the best way to find yourself in sobriety is to help others. Volunteering can give someone a sense of purpose and help them recognize their worth. It has also been shown to improve people’s self-worth, which could, in turn, help them find themselves.1   

Get a New Job 

Many people identify themselves with the job they have. If you are in a job you hate, it is time to start looking for something that you will enjoy. Working in a job you love can help you recognize your strengths and give you a better idea of what your passions are.    


Sometimes people struggle to find themselves in addiction recovery because they are still trying to work through a lot of mixed emotions. Journaling can help you get your feelings out and may help you discover something new about yourself that can make you feel more complete.   

Find Support

When you are struggling with who you are in recovery, you should look toward other people for support. Talking it out with someone you trust may help you discover new qualities about yourself and your time in recovery. Also, just spending time with others, especially those in recovery with similar struggles, can help you work through your own issues and find better clarity about who you are in recovery and who you want to be. Our rehab alumni program connects people in recovery so that you never have to feel alone.   

Get Healthy

Some people in recovery struggle with their identity because they are still caught up in bad habits. To be your best self and to start learning who you can be without drugs and alcohol, make it a priority to get healthy. Exercising regularly, eating healthy, and keeping a normal sleep routine can help you feel better and start building a happier and healthier new you.   

Find A Hobby

Before your inpatient or outpatient program, drugs were a huge part of your life and took up most of your time. Now that you are in recovery, you may find yourself with a lot more free time on your hands that you are struggling to fill. One of the best ways to find yourself in addiction recovery is to find a new hobby you are passionate about to fill this void.    Life in early recovery isn’t always easy. It is a time of several transitions; you will have your ups and downs along the way. Stay positive and focused on building your future.   

For people who have yet to take that first step to recovery, we are here. Call us today at 888-280-4763 to start your journey to sobriety.


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Alyssa, Director of Digital Marketing
Alyssa, Director of Digital Marketing
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