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Exercise & Addiction Recovery: Benefits of Exercise in Addiction Recovery

Exercise & Addiction Recovery: Benefits of Exercise in Addiction Recovery

Exercise is an important part of getting and staying healthy.

It can have numerous health benefits for the average person, but for people who have spent years abusing or addicted to drugs and alcohol, exercise becomes even more important.

Why You Need Exercise in Addiction Recovery

As a residential care facility in Illinois, we believe that treatment should include more than just overcoming your body’s dependence. Long-term success requires a comprehensive approach to recovery, and fitness in recovery can be an important part of this journey. The benefits of exercise in addiction recovery include:

Getting Physically Healthy Again

Many addicts get so caught up in their addictions that they can start to neglect their physical health. Not to mention the fact that the frequent and heavy use of these toxic substances can have devastating effects on their bodies. When they stop abusing these substances, they can help keep their health problems from getting worse, but routine exercise can help heal the body from this damage.

Improving Mental Health

While many people tend to focus on the benefits of exercise in addiction recovery for a person’s physical health, exercise can also have many benefits for mental health. Research shows that exercise can boost a person’s mood, reduce stress, and leave them feeling energized. For someone in early recovery, poor mental health and mood swings are common, so exercise can help lower the impact.

Creating A Healthy Routine

Recovering addicts often find themselves with a lot of free time now that they are no longer focused solely on their drug of choice. If this void is left unfulfilled, it can be the quickest way to relapse as the recovering addict struggles to fill this time appropriately. Exercise can become a healthy activity to fill this void and keep the person from relapsing out of boredom.

Combating Withdrawal Symptoms

If you are going through an alcohol detox, chances are you may be experiencing some uncomfortable side effects during the process, but exercise helps with withdrawal symptoms. Regular exercise releases endorphins, which are mood boosters that can be beneficial when it comes to the onset of depression, a common withdrawal symptom. Exercise has also proven to reduce stress and anxiety, both of which tend to be high during drug detox.

At Banyan Heartland, we strongly believe that exercise is a key component to getting and staying sober. Unlike some other Illinois rehabs, we don’t just promote exercise with our patients, but also we offer an adventure therapy program that puts this

If you or a loved one is struggling with a drug or alcohol problem, do not wait to get help. Take the first step toward getting sober by calling us today at 888-280-4763.

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