Vaping Lung Injury Death in Illinois

Vaping Lung Injury Death in Illinois

Vaping is believed by many to be safer than traditional cigarettes, but new studies and cases are showing that this may not be so true.

In late August, one Illinois resident died after suffering respiratory illness related to vaping, and the number of reported cases of respiratory symptoms among hospitalized vaping patients has doubled. 1

So, is vaping safe? The long-term effects of vaping show that no, vaping is not safe. While many e-cigarette companies say that vaping is less dangerous than traditional cigarettes, this is also because there are not nearly as many studies about the dangers of vaping as there are for traditional cigarettes. Additionally, vaping is relatively new, so cases about vaping’s dangers are still coming to light.

Increase in Lung Injuries from Vaping

  There is a growing number of people who have started to experience respiratory issues due to the side effects of vaping. The dangerous symptoms of vaping lung damage include difficulties with breathing, inflammation, and popcorn lung. 1 The number of cases of lung injuries from vaping is on the rise in Illinois and nationwide.

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This Illinois death related to lung injury from vaping shows how dangerous this trend in smoking can be. Vaping is just as dangerous as traditional cigarettes, and the health effects of vaping are only beginning to come to light. When users ingest other chemicals during vaping, like THC, there are additional physical risks to the body and lungs.

The Vaping Death in Illinois and What It Means for E-Cigarettes

  This case and many others are showing that vaping is more dangerous than previously believed. As more states are considering an increase in legal age for vaping, others are looking to more severely regulate the sale and distribution of vaping products. As more cases of vaping lung damage and other injuries arise nationwide, it is likely that there will be increased pressure on vaping companies and distributors to keep consumers safer from the dangers of vaping.

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