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How Addiction Harms your Family

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A common phrase that accurately portrays how many people are affected on a daily basis states that “addiction is a family disease.” When addiction is present in a family unit, every member, in some way or another, feels the brutal consequences of addiction. Addiction can tear a family apart and destroy relationships. The whole family must heal together before moving forward, and this starts with drug and alcohol treatment for the addicted individual. Family therapy for addiction treatment can be used to effectively help everyone recover from the pain. There are many ways that this disease can harm families, and the treatment specialists at Banyan Treatment Center discuss them below.

Common Family Issues That Arise from Addiction

Addiction can cause financial difficulties, lack of communication, and personal conflict, to name a few. Addiction can completely take over one’s life and cause others to suffer, as well. A family unit can experience divorce, and sometimes even domestic violence as a result of addiction. The turmoil can be too much for a family to handle. The lying and deception associated with one’s drug use can also play a major role in halting communication efforts. Unfortunately, if one parent experiences addiction, this can lead to child neglect or abuse when buying and using drugs becomes more important than caring for children.

When a family is torn apart, it can be extremely hard for everyone to be supportive and get over the hardships that the addicted individual put them through. That is why family therapy is needed to help everyone heal and make amends during the recovery process. During therapy, each member will be able to express their feelings and how the addiction has personally affected them. Learning positive ways to communicate and understand each other is so crucial during this process and it will help everyone move forward.

Family therapy is an approach to addiction treatment that allows everyone to truly move past the toxic environment that addiction has caused. Banyan Pompano offers family programs and services to help fight addiction as one unit.


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