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Creating Goals in Early Recovery: Part 1

Creating Goals in Early Recovery: Part 1

In the rooms we constantly hear the phrase, “One day at a time.”

The thinking to stay in the “now” is often encouraged for those in early recovery, but these phrases or sayings should not deter you from creating some basic goals for your life, and for your recovery journey. Start with immediate goals for the present, and then work on long term goals for the future.

This way of thinking’s main purpose is to have long-term goals but in the meantime not get overwhelmed at the idea, and still live life one 24-hours at a time, and having the main focus be your recovery.

Get a Sponsor (Long Term Goal: Become a Sponsor)

At Banyan Treatment Center we believe in the 12-Step methodology for addiction treatment. A huge part of this recovery program suggests getting a “sponsor”. A sponsor is a person who acts as a type of guide to your recovery journey. Their main focus is holding you as their sponsee accountable to your own personal recovery, but also teaching you about the steps as you complete them. A sponsor has already successfully worked the 12-steps of the AA program and has maintained a good amount of time in recovery, they act as a parental type of figure to get you started on your own journey through the steps.

After you have successfully completed the steps, and have at least a year clean (time varies on meeting type), the 12-step program encourages you to bring a fellow alcoholic or addict through the steps. The reasoning behind becoming a sponsor is for further healing and to give back to the cause. Reworking the steps every few years really helps a person grow through life and it never hurts!

hen recovering addicts are first out of treatment, typically it is encouraged to live in a sober environment. At Banyan Treatment Center, we work with a number of sober living facilities and encourage clients to begin their recovery journey in a strict and sober setting. This proves for a greater chance of recovery, and the rules and regulations at most houses keep the individual focused on their recovery and away from relapse.

With living in a sober living facility (or anywhere) rent is expected. The best way to pay rent, is to get a job! Seems easy enough, right? It is, get a job, be humble, start where you can, doing anything you can to make a living for yourself during early recovery. While recovery needs to be your main concern and focus, keep in mind that once you have your recovery plan mapped out, you’ve worked your steps, and are doing well, the next target in your sights should be big career plans.

We often hear, make your passion your career. This is true to some extent, if you have passions, try and find a career that can highlight those passions. If you need to seek training, schooling, or experience, make it a priority to get the bullet point list complete so you will be able to find a job within a career you can grow with. Having a purpose and a successful career is an awesome way to give back to society, prevent relapse, and continuing to be the best version of yourself.

All of the goals are focusing on you becoming the best version of you that you can possibly be! We will pick up this topic next week and give you three more goals to keep in mind for early recovery. In the meantime, if you or someone you know is struggling in early recovery, or even worse- still living in active addiction

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