If you or a loved one are struggling, we can help! Call us today at (855) 722-6926
If you or a loved one are struggling, we can help! Call us today at (855) 722-6926

Admitting it’s Time to Start Over

Admitting it's Time to Start Over

When you realize you have a problem with drug addiction or alcoholism, you may think that it’s too late to start over and make real change in your life.  There is a temptation to simply keep going on the same path because there is no hope for escaping to another way of life. This however, is not true. It’s never too late to start over. Feeling as though the addiction is the one thing fueling you, making you feel better, and changing your outlook on life is difficult to change. You do not need the substance to feel better.  In fact the substance abuse is likely the primary cause of your ongoing misery, but the quick high creates the illusion that it’s helping. You have to be the one that makes the decision on whether or not it is time for you to start a new life. You might be in denial about the problem, you might be in despair about never being able to start over again, and you might depend on the way the drugs make you feel.  But all of this can be overcome with proper training, counseling, and treatment.  

Starting Over Again

It is possible to start over and find a happier, healthier life.  However, you will have to work for it and it might not be easy at first.  Follow these steps on the road to recovery and be honest with yourself along the way.  

Facing the Truth

You need to face the facts that you’re addicted to your substance. You have to stand back and look at yourself objectively, asking yourself what led you to this point of substance addiction and what it’s really doing to your life. Only then will you have the courage to find the help you need.  

Remove the Mask

You’re not the victim here. While the substance has control of you, you still need to be able to understand why this started, and how to proceed in recovery. It’s all too easy to hide behind a mask of denial, convincing yourself that everything is alright. Truly looking at yourself with honesty is the path to finding the root of the problem so you can weed it out of your life for good.  

Let Go

This doesn't mean just letting go of the substance, it also means letting go of who you were in order to embrace who you will become next. Accept that you are about to begin something new, let go of old habits, and know that you can get through this journey.  

Slow it Down

Take a breath, slow down your normal pace, and let yourself make the right choices.  Go through each and every day with a calm, centered approach to being Here and Now. Occupy yourself fully and allow yourself enough time to reclaim who you really are. Dream each day and reach for the stars. While baby steps are necessary since you’re just looking at getting through one day at a time, never lose sight of the main goal.   Starting over doesn’t mean the loss of yourself entirely, it just means you’re rebuilding a new self, a new life, and a new perspective. You can move forward with a healthier, more positive perspective so as to live life to the fullest without focusing on problems of the past. When you’re able to view the world from a different perspective and break the chains that were once holding you back, you’ll be on your way to a brand new life.  And that’s something worth starting over for.  

You deserve recovery.

Banyan is determined to help your family heal.

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