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New Treatment Strategy Offers Hope for Opiate Addicts

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Study Offers New Path for Treating Opiate Addiction

Over the last decade, the demographics of opiate addiction has changed. Now, with the findings of a new study being released, the treatment for this new group of people is changing, too.

Many young people have become addicted to prescription drugs in the last 15 years. During that time, the people who received treatment often received some form of inpatient care. According to traditional addiction treatment wisdom, inpatient treatment has been the best choice for opiate addiction.

But a new study from the National Institute on Drug Abuse, a federal government addiction research institute, shows that there may be a new way to treat addiction for this new group of addicts.

Prescription pills are highly addictive. Modern Drug Detox Medicines Aid Addiction Treatment

Of the 70 prescription opiate addicts participating in the study, 50% were 25 years old or younger. By the end of the study, 50% of patients in one study group were off drugs.

The study showed that a carefully controlled buprenorphine detox followed by naltrexone maintenance therapy could be successfully combined with outpatient therapy to keep people clean.

The author of the study, Dr. Stacey Sigmon, stated that outpatient therapy may be effective for younger opiate users because they have, “greater psychosocial stability than past generations of primary heroin abusers.”

The three-step detox approach is carefully designed to manage multiple challenges in treating opiate addiction:

  • The initial opiate withdrawal period
  • Continued cravings
  • Relapse prevention

Comprehensive, Holistic Addiction Recovery

While the medications used are important to the success of opiate addiction treatment, Dr. Sigmon also emphasized the importance of behavioral therapy. Designed to help patients learn relapse prevention strategies, behavioral therapy can also enable them to address other emotional needs that may underlie their addiction.

Before anyone announces a new cure for opiate addiction, there were some drawbacks to the study. Participants in the study were 94% white, 69% male, and had been using drugs for on average five years. This is hardly representative of all drug users.

Finding Quality Treatment that Uses Evidence-Based Techniques

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