Depression and Alcoholism at Banyan Heartland

Depression and alcoholism are often challenges that do not exist in a vacuum. Typically, they interact with one another in damaging ways. For some people, depression goes untreated, leading to improper coping mechanisms of alcohol consumption. In other instances, the isolation caused by alcoholism fuels depression. When depression and alcoholism occur simultaneously, it’s known as a co-occurring or dual diagnosis disorder. At Banyan Treatment Center Heartland, we can treat depression, alcoholism, and related co-occurring disorders. Our programs for dual diagnosis treatment in Heartland are designed to effectively address all aspects of depression, alcoholism, and related disorders.

How Depression and Alcoholism are Linked

There are many ways that depression and alcoholism can be linked. When considering which formed first, depression or alcoholism, the exact order only matters for understanding the relationship between the two. For example, if depression caused unhealthy coping with alcohol, it is important to focus on the factors that fed into the depression. Sadly, alcoholism often worsens symptoms of depression. In fact, alcoholism on its own can lead to depression as well. This is because the lows of alcoholism push isolation that can develop or deepen depression.

Depression and alcoholism are often interlinked, with similar symptoms and challenges. To successfully treat both, it’s important to find co-occurring disorder treatment in Heartland that addresses each aspect of the dual diagnosis. Some factors overlap, while others feed into one another. At Banyan Treatment Center Heartland, we can treat depression and alcoholism with our dual diagnosis disorder treatment. Treatment addresses all aspects of the dual diagnosis in an effective process to successfully help patients find sobriety and improved mental health.

Options for Co-Occurring Disorder Treatment

At Banyan Treatment Center Heartland, we know that co-occurring disorder treatments in Heartland need to be personalized to each patient. This is because the relationship between depression and alcoholism varies from patient to patient. For some, the depression leads to alcoholism, while for others the situation is reversed. The exact connection between your depression and alcoholism will determine which treatment approach is your best fit. At Banyan Treatment Center Heartland, we offer many options when it comes to dual diagnosis treatment in Heartland, including:

  • EMDR
  • Family Therapy
  • Couples Therapy
  • Individual Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • CBT
  • & More

Our treatment professionals will help determine which therapy approach is your best fit for treatment. For many dual diagnosis patients, CBT is an effective approach for dual diagnosis treatment in Heartland. CBT, aka Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, gives patients the ability to better own and control their situations. CBT allows patients to alter negative thoughts, rewiring the perspective and giving patients power to better manage their thoughts, emotions, and reactions to challenges in life.

Choosing the Right Dual Diagnosis Treatment

At Banyan Treatment Center Heartland, we offer a variety of treatment options for our dual diagnosis treatment. Patients choose from a variety of options, including PHP, IOP, and OP treatment. For dual diagnosis disorders, IOP and PHP are often effective options. PHP offers intense daily hours of clinical treatment, which is important for the early stages of alcoholism treatment. IOP can be considered the next step following PHP treatment. With IOP treatment, patients follow a precise treatment schedule while residing at a sober living facility or a home that provides proper support.


There are a variety of treatment options for co-occurring disorders, and it is important to find the right combination for your treatment needs. At Banyan Treatment Center Heartland, we offer PHP, IOP, and OP treatments that combine a wide variety of therapies for dual diagnosis treatment. Contact our team today at (815) 865-3282 to learn which option is right for you or someone you love.

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    "Banyan was able to help me more than words can describe. They helped me save my life. I called in not really knowing what to expect or anything about treatment and the people I spoke with were able to walk me through every step of the way."

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