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How to Build Your Support System in Recovery

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Now that you have successfully completed an addiction treatment program and are in recovery, it’s time to transition back into everyday life.

Navigating a newly sober life can come with challenges, however if you are surrounded by supportive individuals, you will find it easier to manage these difficult times. Building healthy relationships is crucial in the early stages of recovery and everyone needs love and support at the end of the day. Supportive loved ones are there to help guide you and to provide you with encouragement and care. At Banyan Treatment Center, we provide addiction treatment in Philadelphia for all who suffer from this disease and we understand the importance of building a strong support system in recovery. We provide tips for how you can create a supportive network and how to get rid of toxic individuals.

Realize Who Was There for You

Start with your family members. Those who were there for you during the entire treatment process are relationships that you must cherish and hold on to. Addiction can completely take over one’s life and destroy relationships. If you have family members who can look past your actions towards them, it’s important to include them in your support network. Your family members that understand your journey will be respectful of your sobriety and won’t pressure you into engaging in unhealthy behaviors. A healthy relationship is a two-way street and you must provide your loved ones with support as well.

Make Amends

Part of the recovery journey includes making amends with those you have hurt along the way. During this process, you will be able to rebuild relationships that were once healthy and positive. Showing these people how much you have changed and have grown from your past substance abuse will be an amazing opportunity to start fresh and strengthen ties with supportive friends and family members.

Engage with Sober Individuals

No one truly understands what you went through during treatment besides other recovering addicts. Connecting with other sober individuals can be inspiring and motivating and help you throughout your difficult times. You can get in touch with these like-minded individuals by attending sober meetings in your area.

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