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The Dangers of Adderall Addiction


The Dangers of Adderall Addiction

Adderall is the brand name for a combination of drugs that stimulate the central nervous system. These drugs are intended to treat issues such as narcolepsy, cognition issues, and ADHD. Many people who abuse Adderall are doing so to boost their focus or performance, but this drug is highly addictive, and it can have dangerous side effects. Doctors only prescribe Adderall for patients who are not at risk of heart defects, high blood pressure, and other issues. When Adderall is abused, even if you have a prescription, things can get dangerous. At Banyan Treatment Center Massachusetts, our team can help address Adderall addiction. If you or someone you love is struggling with Adderall abuse, contact our Massachusetts drug treatment center.

Signs of Adderall Abuse and Addiction

Many people think of Adderall addiction as any other drug addiction, but Adderall differs. This is because many people who abuse Adderall are students or working professionals who want to do their best in work or school. For them, the motivation isn’t exactly to get high, the motivation is to be better. While Adderall addicts often appear differently from other addictions, there are some symptoms of Adderall addiction that can be spotted. These signs include:

  • Increased talkativeness
  • Loss of appetite
  • Aggression
  • Unusual energy
  • Social changes
  • Secrecy

If you suspect that a loved one is struggling with Adderall addiction or abuse, our professionals at Banyan Treatment Center Massachusetts are here to help. We help treat Adderall addiction with a variety of treatments, including our PHP drug treatment in Massachusetts. We also offer IOP care to help patients break free.

What Are the Dangers of Adderall?

Far too many people think that Adderall is perfectly safe because it’s prescribed by many doctors. However, Adderall is a powerful stimulant that can create dangerous side effects. These dangerous side effects include:

  • Liver failure
  • Heart attack
  • Stroke
  • Circulation issues
  • Paranoia
  • Aggression
  • Seeing or hearing things that aren’t there
  • Chest pain
  • Shortness of breath

The dangers of Adderall abuse are real, but it is never too late to get sober. We help patients find sobriety with the help of inpatient and outpatient treatment options. When the addiction is especially pronounced, many patients choose our intensive outpatient program in Massachusetts. This IOP program provides therapy and continual support for recovery. We also offer a program for PHP drug treatment in Massachusetts. This program is especially effective for helping with safe recovery from the dangerous side effects of Adderall abuse.


The dangers of Adderall addiction only worsen as time goes on. If you or someone you know needs help getting sober, it’s time to contact our Massachusetts drug treatment center. We offer PHP, IOP, OP, and residential treatments for overcoming Adderall addiction. Contact us today for more information on how to overcome your adderall addiction at 888-280-4763.

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