Telehealth Program for Substance Abuse

Our Texas rehabilitation center understands that many people lack the proper care and treatment they need to recover from their addictions. Especially during the pandemic, much has changed in terms of in-person rehab programs. Like other companies and businesses, our facility has had to adapt to these changes to ensure that our patients are safe and healthy but also well cared for. We’ve managed to maintain this balance by introducing a telehealth program for substance abuse at Banyan Treatment Centers Texas. We’re confident that offering patients telehealth access to care will greatly reduce the chances of relapse or discontinued treatment during the coronavirus pandemic and in any other circumstance. 


Understanding Telehealth Rehabilitation

So what is telemedicine or telehealth? Telemedicine treatment refers to the use of technology, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, or computers, to provide healthcare to patients. There are many reasons why people are unable to receive in-patient care, with one of the major reasons at the moment being COVID-19. Many healthcare providers have had to implement telehealth services to ensure that their patients continue to receive treatment and are kept safe from exposure. Healthcare also includes addiction treatment, which is why Banyan Texas is now offering online treatment programs for substance abuse to prevent patients from falling off track from not being able to attend in-person sessions. 

Benefits of Our Outpatient TelemedicinePrograms

Offering telemedicine and outpatient options for people in addiction recovery reduces the need for their physical presence at our facility. This program is a great way for patients to keep up with their care in the comfort of their homes. As previously mentioned, the pandemic has contributed to these changes, and we want to do everything in our power to keep our patients safe. By adding a new branch of addiction treatment to our services, we’re able to cater to more patients more efficiently. 

Of the many benefits of telehealth for addiction is the eliminated need to commute. Part of the hesitation in receiving treatment for many patients is commuting to and from the facility. Many prefer not to participate in physical sessions or are unable to leave their homes. Considering the current pandemic, this is entirely understandable. Additionally, we also have patients who are simply busy and may prefer to continue their therapy sessions at home, so they have more time for their careers and families. 

Also, our telemedcine outpatient services for addiction provide patients with direct access to their counselors. Calling and making appointments can be stressful sometimes, and something as simple as streamlined communication can make a world of a difference for someone in addiction recovery.  Our telehealth use for substance abuse treatment reduces any delays in communication between patients and their therapists while promoting communication. When patients know that they can reach us at any time, they’re more likely to reach out when they need the help, which is exactly what we want. 

Telemedicine Accessibility for Substance Abuse Treatment

Banyan Texas’ Telehealth Program for addiction allows patients to continue their recovery programs without commuting. Our virtual substance abuse treatment is available to patients in our drug treatment programs to keep them accountable while they’re out of the facility and to help them fight off daily triggers or temptations. Our telehealth services also allow patients to stay on top of their obligations at work, school, and with family without missing a beat in their recovery. 

Our telehealth program includes three hours of intensive treatment per day, three days a week. Patients will also connect with their counselors online for an hour per week to discuss any struggles and keep track of their progress. To conduct these sessions, patients must have access to devices like a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer with internet (or WiFi). Our therapists use a free app called Zoom to conduct these sessions, so patients are also required to have this app on their devices. 

Not only does our telehealth program allow patients to continue their treatment remotely, but it also adds a spiritual aspect to their recovery. Faith in Recovery group sessions have been incorporated into our telehealth services to appeal to patients’ spiritual health. For many, addiction is also a spiritual battle. We understand the difference that faith can make in a person’s recovery from addiction, which is why we’ve implemented faith-based therapy in our telehealth services. 

During Faith in Recovery groups, clients will learn realistic relapse prevention skills and develop a faith-based perspective on recovery. They’ll also have the opportunity to restore or develop their relationship with God and learn His purpose for their lives. During groups, our Chaplain also discusses key points like forgiveness, self-awareness, gratitude, patience, guilt, shame, self-control, and more. Moreover, while this aspect of our telehealth program is Christian, individuals of all faith or religious backgrounds are welcome. 

If you’re interested in our telehealth for substance abuse or our other levels of substance abuse treatment, contact Banyan Texas today. 

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