Banyan Texas 12-Step Program

The 12-Step Program is a famous program used to help people in addiction recovery. The 12-Step model was originally used with Alcoholics Anonymous to address alcoholism and help recovering alcoholics achieve sobriety. Fortunately, this program has since been expanded to treat a multitude of addictions and is utilized in treatment plans for different forms of substance abuse. The founders of the 12-Step Program, Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob Smith, believed that long-lasting sobriety could only be achieved upon the completion of the 12-steps. The program is now such a popular method of addiction treatment that it is utilized throughout the nation.


Our 12-Step Program for Addiction Treatment

Our 12-Step Program at Banyan Treatment Centers Texas is designed to meet the specific needs of our patients to help them achieve their recovery goals. This program is made up of 12 steps that go beyond an alcohol or drug detox. The 12-Step Program addresses every factor of substance abuse, including relationship problems and emotional hurdles. The program also encourages recovering addicts to accept responsibility for their actions, allowing them to make amends with the ones they may have hurt during their active addiction. When patients follow our 12 Steps for addiction treatment, they learn that peer support is beneficial to recovery.

Each person’s addiction and recovery are different. Every patient in our 12-Step Program progresses at different paces. To help each of our patients complete their substance abuse treatment, our trained and license staff of professionals offers individual guidance to ensure that progress remains consistent. If necessary, we may also modify certain aspects of the program to meet the requirements of the patient. We want our patients to feel confident and prepared for their addiction-free future after completing this program.


Applying the 12 Steps for Recovery


At our drug rehab center in Texas, we know that the best way to ensure our patients’ success is by addressing each of their problems during treatment. Regardless of the severity of an addiction, we know that condition requires comprehensive healing. While addiction is defined according to its physical impact, it can also affect other areas of a person’s life. The 12-Step model is an important aspect of recovery and is required by many to fully recover.

At Banyan Texas, our patients will also be exposed to different therapies in conjunction with the 12 Steps to cover each detail of their addiction. With the use of this program, alongside additional treatments, our team members can help patients recover from the mental and physical repercussions of substance abuse. We want our clients to be successful outside of rehab, as well. These additional methods include evidence-based practices and therapies that range from individual and group sessions to yoga. Together, our programs are meant to assist patients in preparing for the transition from rehab to everyday life.


If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, we’re here to help. Contact us today for more information about our rehab facility and treatment options.