Everyone’s experience with addiction is different, so it’s understandable why their recovery plans should be, too. While some rehab centers place patients into general treatment programs, our Texas treatment center for addiction offers unique programs and therapies for substance use disorders that either work in tandem or individually to provide patients with a form of treatment that fulfills their needs. No matter what form of addiction you or a loved one is battling, Banyan Treatment Centers Texas prides itself in providing individualized drug treatment programs that offer patients a chance at healthy, happy, and addiction-free lives.

Our Unique Addiction Recovery Programs & Therapies

  While each of our drug addiction therapy programs utilizes different methods to help patients, they all have the same goal: to help our patients understand, cope with, and recover from the underlying contributing factors of addiction. Oftentimes, substance abuse is a reaction to a challenging life event, mental illness, and other factors in a person’s life. By providing patients with substance abuse therapy, we’re helping them understand the cause of their addiction and helping them learn realistic prevention skills they can apply to their lives outside of rehab.

Our Texas rehabilitation center refuses to limit our patients’ recovery resources. Below are the substance abuse therapy techniques that we employ to help clients realize the severity of their disorders and receive the individualized emotional and mental health care they need to recover.

12 Step Program

  The 12 Step Program was originally created by Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) to help people complete the various stages of recovery following alcohol detox treatment. They believed a person could only truly achieve long-term sobriety if they followed their 12 steps. Fortunately, this program has since expanded to service people recovering from various substance use disorders. Our 12 step program in Texas is based on spiritual principles but can also be helpful for nonreligious people. This program includes both individual and group therapy for substance abuse that allows patients to connect with others in the recovery community. In this program, led by our licensed therapists and treatment specialists, patients can share their highs and lows of recovery, learn from others, and grow spiritually.

Alumni Program

  Another type of drug and alcohol addiction therapy we offer in Texas is our alumni program. An alumni program is a supplemental program that offers continuous support to patients after they’ve completed treatment at our facility. Sometimes, as hard as family and friends try, they may never be able to supply patients with the specific kind of support and understanding they need to stay sober. We’re often encouraged by and learn from people who are in similar situations as us, which is what makes the alumni program so beneficial. Like the 12 step model, this program includes addiction group therapy to help patients connect with people who are also recovering from addiction and can understand what they’re going through. The consistent advice and guidance provided by our program help to keep patients focused on their goals.


  Biofeedback therapy, also known as neurofeedback or guided imagery, is the process of gaining awareness of certain physiological functions, either electronically or with the use of other tools. The goal of biofeedback therapy for addiction is to teach patients how to manipulate or control their own body systems at will. When saying body’s systems, we are referring to heart rate, breathing, shaking, and any other physiological responses the body may experience when under high stress or anxiety. With the use of the serenity bed, a vibrational platform that uses audio and visual stimuli, we help patients relax and wind down from any stress or anxiety they may be experiencing during treatment.

Faith Program

  Our faith program in Pompano, Florida, formally known as Faith in Recovery, is a non-denominational, Christ-centered, faith-based program for those who are recovering from addiction and mental illness. Many people feel as if God has abandoned or forgotten them when they experience challenges in life. It’s understandable how addiction can cause someone to think this way, but our program can help. As a Christian rehab program, we help patients build or restore their relationships with God and teach them how to apply scripture to their lives. We utilize the Bible and other biblically-related sources to help our patients connect to God and live addiction-free lives.

Family Program

If you have a loved one in rehab, we didn’t forget you. Our family program offers therapy for family members of addicts because drug and alcohol abuse affects everyone involved. The effects of addiction often spread to the person’s families, friends, and even coworkers. Watching someone that you’re close to battle drugs or alcohol can be frustrating and heartbreaking. They may act out at home or say harsh things to you whenever you try to help or intervene. Now that your loved one is getting treatment, it’s time for you to get the help you need. Our family program offers individual sessions and group therapy sessions with the addict led by licensed therapists to promote healing and bridge the gap caused by addiction.

SMART Recovery

  Another one of our addiction therapy models offered at our Texas rehab is the SMART Recovery Program. SMART (Self-Management and Recovery Training) believes in four main points:

  • Building and sustaining motivation
  • Coping with urges
  • Managing thoughts, emotions, and behaviors
  • Living a balanced life

The goal of this program is to help patients establish self-awareness, independence, confidence, and self-reliance. SMART recovery reduces the likelihood of codependency and enabling behavior at home by helping patients establish relapse prevention strategies that work for them.

While each of our unique programs and therapies at Banyan Texas is beneficial to treating addiction, they aren’t the only solutions. These therapies are often used in tandem with our residential drug treatment to address physical, mental, and spiritual recovery. If you’d like to learn more about our addiction services in Texas for yourself or a loved one, contact us today.

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