Banyan Texas Substance Abuse Programs

As a rehab center in Texas, we understand that any form of substance abuse can be difficult to overcome. Addiction is a disease, not a choice. Those who want to reach sobriety often need professional guidance to get there. Even then, the individual may not achieve their goals if the rehabilitation center fails to meet their needs. Addiction affects everyone differently, so the person should choose a facility that creates a plan designed with their recovery goals in mind. Banyan Treatment Centers Texas is a Joint Commission Accredited rehab that offers several substance abuse programs to ensure every patient’s long-term success in their sobriety journey.


Addiction Treatment Programs at our Texas Facility

At Banyan Texas, we offer a variety of drug and alcohol treatment programs so we can assist every patient that walks through our doors. Our goal is to offer each of our clients a program that meets their requirements. One method of addiction treatment may be suitable for one patient, but not the other. For example, an alcoholic may require a different form of addiction treatment than someone who is addicted to cocaine. Our substance-specific programs take the differences between the forms of addictions and their effects into account.


Although alcohol is legal for individuals over the age of 21 in the United States, drinking can have long-term side effects. A person with alcoholism reaches a point in their addiction where they can’t go about their day without drinking. Once drinking becomes a daily habit, it can be difficult to quit without help. This addiction can cause financial trouble, broken relationships, and health concerns. Our alcohol addiction treatment can help patients stop binge drinking before it’s too late.


Benzos, or benzodiazepines, are among the most commonly prescribed medications. They are often prescribed to treat anxiety disorders. Like many prescription drugs, benzos are often misused, resulting in addiction. Our benzo addiction treatment is specifically designed for individuals who are struggling with this form of substance abuse.


Cocaine is a potent and addictive stimulant that is abused for the feelings of pleasure and euphoria it produces. However, even a handful of uses can quickly result in addiction. To help individuals fully recover from this form of addiction and get their lives back, we provide a cocaine treatment.


Many individuals whose drug use begins with prescription drugs usually ends with heroin abuse. Our heroin treatment center helps patients heal from the effects of heroin abuse and get back on their feet.


Opioids are some of the most commonly abused drugs in the U.S. As the opioid epidemic persists, many individuals are continuously caught in this form of addiction. Our opiate treatment can help people who find themselves unable to quit abusing prescription drugs recover and get sober.


A meth addiction often leads to dangerous mental and physical effects. Meth mouth, for example, is a common side effect of long-term meth abuse. While this drug offers a momentary escape from reality, it can destroy the mind and body in the long run. Our methamphetamine addiction treatment helps patients heal from the aftermath of meth abuse and regain control of their lives.

Prescription Pills

Prescription drugs are often readily accessible, and many individuals are prescribed an obscene number of medications every year. Because of their availability and desired effects, many individuals find themselves addicted to their medications. A prescription pill addiction treatment can help people in this situation break their habit.

Patients will be assigned to one of these substance abuse programs according to the duration and severity of their addiction. While in treatment, all patients will take part in therapies led by our trained and license staff of professionals. As our clients’ conditions progress, their addiction treatment plans will change to ensure their needs are constantly met. 

Additional Help

After completing one of our drug or alcohol rehab programs, patients may need additional support. Each person is unique, and the plan for their overall recovery should be as well. Because addiction is made up of many facets, we also offer additional substance abuse help to further assist in our patients’ recovery.

12-Step Program

One of the many programs we offer at Banyan Texas is the 12-Step Program. The 12 Steps is a famous program composed of outlined steps for people in addiction recovery to help them achieve long-lasting sobriety. Our team will utilize this program when guiding patients through their sobriety journey.

Problems that result from substance abuse may be different for everyone, but our different rehab programs provide patients with individualized treatment that can help them meet their goals. If you or someone you know is battling with drug or alcohol abuse, contact us today to find the best treatment.