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At Banyan Treatment Centers Boca, we understand how stressful this past year or so has been for a number of people. Many things have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic, including some drug treatment programs. The various social distancing and quarantining restrictions implemented during the pandemic have restricted many forms of healthcare and even temporarily halted them. These restrictions have been particularly hard on those who are recovering from addiction or were in the middle of their recovery programs. Our Boca rehab knows that consistency is key in treating addiction, and we were greatly concerned for our patients. As a result, we’re now utilizing telehealth services and online treatment programs for addiction to help our patients while adhering to safety guidelines and keeping everyone safe.

Benefits of Telehealth Access to Care for Addiction

Telehealth or telemedicine refers to the use of the internet, phones, tablets, laptops, computers, and any other form of technology to support and offer healthcare services. Telehealth rehabilitation allows people to receive their treatment no matter where they are. As a result of COVID-19, our rehab center felt it was necessary to implement this new and more efficient way to stay connected to patients and help them stay in treatment while keeping them and our team members safe. Banyan Boca is one of the rehabilitation centers that have begun to implement telemedicine treatment to reach patients who are unable to make it to our facility and to ensure that everyone involved is safe and healthy. As a drug treatment facility with long-term experience in medical detox and addiction treatment, we also understand that individuals who are recovering from addiction are more exposed to triggers and temptations at home. Our telehealth use for substance abuse treatment eliminates the need for traveling and reduces the risk of relapse.

Some other benefits of telemedicine accessibility for addiction treatment include:

  • Patient discretion: Considering the prejudice that surrounds addiction and mental illness, our telehealth services provide exactly what our patients need to feel comfortable coming to us with any of their recovery concerns. Our outpatient telemedicine provides a level of privacy that encourages patients in recovery to seek out help and reach out to us at any time.
  • Instant access to our team: Another benefit of our telemedicine outpatient treatment for addiction is the nearly immediate access patients have to our team. Outpatient telemedicine eliminates the delay, confusion, and uneasiness between seeking help and going to an in-person Often, the thought of reaching out to our center is what stops recovering patients in their tracks. However, our online treatment takes away this reluctance by providing quick access to our care.
  • Access to care for non-commuters: A large part of the hesitation to receive treatment is commuting. Some patients may be an hour or so away from their nearest facility, which can be inconvenient when they’re looking to begin or continue their substance abuse programs. Additionally, especially during the pandemic, patients feel safer staying home than receiving treatment in person. Fortunately, with our telehealth services, we can help patients who have started off in one of our levels of care or who are looking into beginning their recovery journeys.

Telehealth Program for Addiction Treatment

Banyan Boca’s telehealth services for substance abuse allows patients to continue their drug or alcohol treatment at home. Our virtual addiction treatment is offered to patients who are receiving substance abuse or mental health treatment at our facility. Utilizing these services is a great way to reduce the impact of any triggers or temptations that patients may face at home and keep them on track. We offer personalized care daily that patients can take advantage of while staying at home. Our telehealth rehabilitation for substance abuse includes three hours of intensive treatment daily for three days a week. Therapists will also schedule one hour of individual online therapy with their patients per week to log their progress and make any necessary changes.

All these online appointments will be conducted through Zoom, which is a video chatting app that’s entirely free for patients to download onto any device with a camera and internet service or WiFi. Patients would have to download Zoom onto their smartphones, tablets, laptops, or computers and ensure they have video and audio access to be able to communicate with their therapists. During these sessions, it’s crucial for patients to sit in a quiet and private setting where they won’t be disturbed. No one else should be able to listen to or participate in these appointments. It’s also important for patients to treat these meetings as they would in-person meetings and stay focused.

But it doesn’t end there. Our rehab center has also incorporated Faith in Recovery groups in our telehealth services to assist patients in their spiritual growth. These faith-based therapy sessions help patients develop self-awareness and experience spiritual growth, both of which can assist them greatly in their recovery. Addiction recovery is as much mental and spiritual as it is physical, so we want to help our patients in any way we can.

During Faith in Recovery group sessions, clients will learn practical relapse prevention skills and gain a faith-based perspective on recovery that can help them manage challenges like cravings, stress, anger, and more. We also understand that purpose and motivation are key in addiction recovery, which is why we assist our patients in developing or restoring their relationships with God and learning about His purpose for their lives. During group sessions, our Chaplain will also discuss topics and answer questions about forgiveness, relapse prevention, gratitude, patience, guilt, shame, self-control, and any other things that patients may be struggling with. And although our FIR groups are Christian-based, individuals of all religious or faith backgrounds are welcome to join us.

If you’re interested in our addiction treatment services or want to learn more about our telehealth services in Boca Raton, contact us today, and a team member will contact you shortly.

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