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Scared To Go To Rehab


Why You Shouldn’t Let the Fear of Sobriety Hold You Back

Sometimes it’s easier than others to recognize that a drinking or drug problem is present. Even those who experience drinking issues themselves can notice the negative changes, although their addiction can make it hard to act. This is exacerbated when that individual is also struggling with a general fear of sobriety. Banyan Treatment Centers Palm Springs is explaining some of the reasons that people may be scared to get clean and why we think they should face their fears.

Why Are People Scared to Go to Rehab?

Are you wondering, “why are people scared to go to rehab?” The answer to this question is such a personal one for each individual who is struggling. Still, there are certain experiences and thought patterns that could be fueling their general fear of sobriety.

  • Worried about stigma or judgment: It is a sad reality that many struggle to pursue sobriety for fear of what people will think. While it is understandable that such a stigma regarding this disease can hold some back, we want all potential patients to consider how bettering their life is more important than their perceived reputation.
  • Scared to face difficult emotions: Many people avoid treatment for the same reason that they abuse a substance. They don’t want to face the hard feelings they have been burying. They may also not want to face their recent behavior and the potential shame they can feel regarding any inebriated actions. The important thing to remember is that our Southern California rehab is equipped with effective therapy methods and professionals to help our patients process any trauma that they have lived through.
  • Loss of relationships: It is not uncommon for relationships to be forged out of the collective experience of substance abuse. Just as certain bonds can be tarnished, others can be formed through shared trauma and bad habits. If someone fears that their sobriety journey will lead to the disintegration of a relationship, perhaps they should consider why taking care of themselves would cause this. If this relationship is reliant on their active addiction, they may also want to think about if this relationship is even one they want to maintain.
  • Fear that they just can’t get sober: Not only do people fear the unknown, but they may also worry that their efforts will be in vain. The reality is that failure and relapse are often a part of the journey. The saying goes that recovery is a life-long process, so as long as the individual stays committed to getting back on the right track, our California detox center will be there to help.

Reasons to Get Sober

Now that you have a better understanding of some of the reasons people are resistant to treatment, we can discuss just a few of the many benefits of choosing the path of sobriety.

  • Health is wealth: Addiction has the potential to chip away at a person’s physical, mental, and overall emotional health. Through sobriety, these individuals have the opportunity to replenish themselves comprehensively, in mind, body, and spirit, so they can get back to being the best version of themselves.
  • Speaking of wealth, you will save money: It is no secret that addiction is expensive. Whether a person is spending money on drugs when trying to get their fix or squandering all their cash at a bar, addiction has the potential to leave sufferers in financial ruin. With a clear and sober mind, a person can begin to save up and may even find themselves doing better than before.
  • You can develop your agency and self-esteem: Sobriety can help a patient develop not only a beneficial view of the world around them but also a better sense of internal power. It is an incredible accomplishment that rewards its successes and acknowledges the wins as much as the losses.
  • Productivity will improve: Addiction and substance abuse commonly lead to strains on a person’s professional standing. With a clear and sober mind, employees can reestablish their positions at work and get back to being productive workers.
  • Relationships can be mended: While we discussed which bonds are worth leaving behind, we also hope that those who matter the most can experience their own healing. It can take time and patience, but it can be one of the most incredible moments to be able to look at a loved one with sobriety under your belt.

If you are interested in taking the steps towards a better, sober future, call Banyan Palm Springs at 888-280-4763 and learn more about our available programs today.

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Alyssa, Director of Digital Marketing
Alyssa, Director of Digital Marketing
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