Alcoholism in the Workplace

Alcoholism in the Workplace
There are over 15 million adults nationwide with an alcohol use disorder, also known as alcoholism.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration defines alcohol use disorder as 5 or more drinks per sitting for men, and 4 or more drinks per women. The size of a standard drink is smaller than most people realize, with many people having drinking problems that they may not recognize at first. In the workplace, alcoholism is extremely costly. It can destroy the health of employees and worse. Many businesses are taking a new approach to addressing alcoholism in the workplace by linking employees with customized treatment plans in Boca for alcoholism.

Signs of Alcoholism in the Workplace

Many alcoholics think that they’re “high-functioning,” and they try to deny the severity of their problem. However, there are many workplace problems which can erupt from alcoholism. There are behavioral, physical, and performance signs of alcoholism. An employee may have an alcohol addiction problem if they:

  • Smell of alcohol
  • Appear drunk
  • Drink heavily on nights or weekends
  • Seem sick in the mornings
  • Are irritable or angry
  • Drink at lunch
  • Appear hungover
  • Have liver problems
  • No longer care about work
  • Have changes in appearance

Unfortunately, alcoholism also goes hand in hand with many mental health disorders. This includes depression, anxiety, and PTSD. If you see signs of alcoholism in the workplace, it’s important to act quickly at finding the right alcohol detox in Boca Raton. At Banyan Detox Boca Raton, we offer industry-specific drug and alcohol detox and recovery programs for men and women of all professions.

Treating Alcoholism

Today’s professionals need customized treatment plans in Boca for successful treatment of alcohol use disorder. This includes programs that address the stresses of their industry along with treating any personal challenges that have fueled alcoholism.


At Banyan Detox Boca Raton, we are proud to offer the necessary assistance for recovery with our Joint Commission Accredited treatment programs. This includes alcohol detox, residential care, outpatient care, alumni support, and much more. Call us today at 888-280-4763.

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