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Drug Rehab Affiliate Program

Everyone wants to believe that employees report to work completely sober, and they like to think that addiction is not an issue for their employees. Unfortunately, statistics show otherwise; 73 percent of current drug users are employed, and over 14 percent of employed Americans report heavy drinking problems. Even if an employee doesn’t show up for work impaired by drugs or alcohol, their substance abuse and alcoholism can create issues within the workplace. Employees who are addicts or alcoholics are more likely to take excessive sick days and get injured in the workplace.

At Banyan Detox Boca, we’re here to help employees and businesses by supporting sobriety through industry-specific treatment and detox programs in Boca. Choosing an affiliate treatment program for your business can help employees easily enter and complete treatment, allowing them to get sober and keep contributing to their personal growth and your business. Our affiliate programs include blue-collar focused treatment solutions.


Choosing a Drug Rehab Affiliate Program

Partnering with drug addiction affiliate program allows businesses to ensure that their employees have access to industry-specific treatment support. At Banyan Treatment Center Boca Raton, we offer opiate detox programs, alcohol detox, and other treatment programs customized to individual patient needs. We can tailor our treatment opportunities to meet the needs of your employees, giving them access to drug treatment and mental health affiliate programs that support recovery.

Certain industries carry higher risks of addiction, and professionals in these industries need customized support for their recovery. Partnering with our team allows your employees to get the care they need when they need it.


Blue-Collar Jobs have Higher Rates of Substance Abuse

Certain professions are linked with higher rates of addiction and alcoholism. Blue-collar jobs, specifically construction and mining jobs, have high rates of alcoholism and substance abuse. 14.3 percent of construction workers and 11.8 percent of mining workers reported a substance use disorder within the past year. This is considerably higher than many other professions, leaving blue-collar workers especially susceptible to substance abuse, including addiction and alcoholism. There are many theories as to why blue-collar workers have higher occurrences of addiction. These theories include:

  • Geography. Most mining jobs and similar blue-collar jobs are located in areas that are already embroiled in the addiction epidemic. West Virginia and Kentucky are popular for blue-collar mining jobs, and they are also the epicenter of the opioid epidemics Our industry-focused opiate detox programs can help blue-collar employees get sober from opioid addiction.
  • Workplace Injuries. Workplace injuries are another cause of substance abuse. An employee gets injured on the job, and they may be prescribed opioids to treat their pain. Due to the highly addictive nature of opioids, addiction can quickly form. With opiate detox programs from Banyan Detox Boca Raton, blue-collar employees can get sober.

Blue-collar jobs bring higher rates of substance abuse, but companies can help employees find sobriety by choosing affiliate detox programs in Boca. With a treatment facility of choice, businesses can link employees with custom-tailored treatment programs, giving each employee individualized support for their recovery.


Industry-Specific Drug and Alcohol Detox Programs in Boca

At Banyan Detox Boca Raton, we believe in helping employees from all sectors find a sober tomorrow. We know that sobriety can change an employee’s life, giving them control over their future. Sober employees are happier, healthier, and more productive. We’re changing lives every day with our detox, inpatient treatment, and mental health program in Boca. Our treatment curriculum is designed for the industry-specific needs of blue-collar workers, giving each patient individualized support to help them get sober once and for all. Patients can resume working once they’ve completed our treatment program. Learn more about our affiliate program opportunities today.

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Free Insurance Verification

We offer free insurance verification to every individual inquiring about their treatment options. The Banyan Treatment Centers Family knows how devastating the disease of addiction can be, not only to the individual but also to the family and loved ones of those living in active addiction. We strive to make the process of seeking help for substance abuse and addiction as smooth as possible.