Compassionate Intervention Services

One of the amazing things about Banyan Detox Center is that we offer unique and creative therapy approaches that make the treatment process less traditional and more tailored to the patient’s likes and needs.

We all care for our loved ones, and we all want the best for them. Things can be particularly challenging when a loved one is struggling with alcoholism, addiction, substance abuse, or other struggles. When a person is in the grips of an active addiction, they typically cannot recognize the severity of the situation they are in. In other cases, they may realize how difficult things have gotten, but their active addiction makes it difficult for them to make a change. This is when many families choose to stage an intervention for their loved one. During an intervention, friends, family members, and loved ones of the individual with addiction meet with the addicted individual to help that person recognize the necessity of treatment. Interventions can be hard, and they can be emotionally challenging. But, they can also save your loved one’s life. If you are considering an intervention for someone you love, take the time to learn about this process.

What’s an Intervention?

An intervention is a meeting or process in which friends, family, and loved ones of an individual struggling with self-destructive habits confront them in a group setting. These family members and loved ones meet with the individual who needs help and begin a process to help them recognize the reality of their problem. The process of an intervention involves helping your loved one see the reality of their situation, helping them recognize that they have a problem that needs treatment. It also involves helping them find treatment at a facility like our drug and alcohol detox centers in Stuart.

During an intervention, everyone meets with their loved one to help them overcome their addiction, alcoholism, substance abuse, or other destructive habits. The loved ones confront the individual about their addiction or alcoholism and ask them to enter treatment. You cannot force your loved one to enter treatment, but you can help them find the way by connecting them with resources like our drug and alcohol detox in Stuart after completing the intervention. The intervention process typically follows steps such as:

  • Explaining Concerns
  • Providing Evidence of Destructive Behaviors
  • Sharing Personal Stories
  • Presenting Consequences
  • Connecting the Individual with a Treatment Plan

Predetermining the treatment plan is important before the intervention takes place. The key is to illustrate the severity of your loved one’s addiction, and then helping them by connecting them with a preplanned treatment path. It’s crucial to make receiving treatment as simple as possible for your loved one. At Banyan Detox Center, we can help.

Planning an Intervention

There is considerable planning that goes into an intervention, which is why many people choose to bring in the assistance of a professional interventionist for the process. Interventionists can help with the planning and orchestration of an intervention. Planning an intervention involves many steps:

  • Gathering Information
  • Finding a Treatment Facility
  • Forming an Intervention Team
  • Determining Consequences
  • Preparing What to Say
  • Developing a Plan of Action
  • Holding the Intervention

Everybody’s challenges with addiction, drug abuse, and alcoholism are different. This means that each intervention is unique to the individual. Considerable planning is necessary for a successful intervention. This involves researching your loved one’s struggles to better understand the problem at hand, and it involves finding help like our drug and alcohol detox centers in Stuart.

A successful intervention starts with detailed planning. The assistance of a professional interventionist can help support a successful process. One important aspect of an intervention is linking your loved one to recovery support services post-intervention. Contact our office at 888-422-2139 to learn more about our services.

Most Insurance Plans Accepted

At Banyan Detox Boca Raton our goal is to make sure that anyone who needs treatment from drug and alcohol addiction are able to get the help needed to assist them on the road to recovery. If you don't have insurance contact us to inquire about alternate methods regarding treatment for yourself or a loved one.
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